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Will my ex come back ? 7 signs that prove his return

It happened. 

There has been a break up and the relationship is apparently over but he’s still on your mind and you wonder : will my ex come back ?

Your world and your mind is in turmoil, pain, confusion and chaos reigns.

Where once there was a happy go lucky girl who was in love with her loving boyfriend that’s has gone forever.

But yet there is a feeling you have in your thoughts that you can’t help to suspect or shake off that things are not quite over.

Are you getting mixed signals about will my ex come back?

Or is it just confusion overload and you are just desperately grasping at straws?

You are thinking like everyone does at some stage throughout the process of a break up, will my ex come back ?

The thing you have to ask yourself with absolute and near brutal honesty is, are these thoughts and feelings motivated by fear or love ?

Do you fear being single and keep asking yourself will my ex come back ?

Is it the pain and heartbreak of the separation leading you to compromise yourself and think that anything is better than the pain of being alone?

Is it time to deal with and heal the hurt already done and move on regardless of how you feel about him or how you think he feels about you ?

Or do you feel so deeply that despite how, why or who initiated ending relationship, you still want him back ?

Does he mean that much to you ?  

More importantly you have to ask yourself “will my ex come back are there signs that prove he will return ?”

If that is the case, you are probably thinking about those signs or signals that the relationship might not be a complete wash out.

The dye has been cast,  the mistakes were made, and perhaps the ending of the relationship was just one of them.

You need to know does he feel the same ? Will my ex come back ?

It is more than possible that he still harbors feelings for you.

Well this should be taken as a given I mean he did go out with you and you did date so that goes without question.

But does he want to get back together ?

That is the really crucial question and how can you tell?  

Are there signs that prove my ex Will come back ?

Will my ex come back : 7 signs that may prove it

1: He said he loved you at the time of the breakup and he seems genuinely upset at the prospect of losing you.

This is a very good indicator that he will return.

Given time with no contact he will come to feel very doubtful of his position and realize it was a mistake.

Even if he indulges in the single party life those times will only probably serve to remind him of what he is missing.

And how it was with you and how it could be with you again.   

However, will my ex come back ? Only time will tell.

2: He initiates a lot of contact or he starts making excuses to hang out with you again

If he is making up random BS excuses to communicate with you, by phone, text or any other method, you can take it as a given he is not going away any time soon.

He wants to stay in contact and continue having a connection with you, even if the relationship is finished.

If during these communications he’s reluctant to end any conversations or contact you’re having.

That is an obvious sign that would prove his return or that he is not ready, willing or able to let what you had go.

These excuses are just a means to stay in touch and continue to communicate with you indicating that he considers there are still feelings there.

He wants to share with you even if it is not obvious in the subject of the text or call it is in the subtext.

If while he is talking or texting you, he is saying how much he is missing you well that is just a no brainer is a big sign that would prove his return.

This is also doubly true of social media feeds.

Regardless if you have blocked him completely or vice a versa.

There are still ways to get around that little hurdle and to keep a close eye on what’s happening in your life.

The social media avenue can be a more coy or covert method of keeping track of your exploits.

Because he doesn’t have to post, he doesn’t have to even be through his own profile or his own name.

He could just be watching your feed, tracking your movements and just generally checking up on you and you will be none the wiser to the fact that he is doing it.

 Mmm oh brother that sounds a little creepy.

Ok yes very definitely there is a line between following which is ok and fine in its place online and where it’s not like your place of work or the place where you live.

If however he is open and upfront. 

Commenting, posting, liking etc continually and almost instantly that’s a definitive sign he still wants to be a part of your life.

A sign that perhaps he is not ready to move on or his willingness to get back together.

3: He asks about your dating life… Will my ex come back ?

If any guy asks about your status or if you are dating, it has got to make you think.

Do I need a quick alibi or excuse for the next couple of days.

In order to avoid the awkward position of having to decline an invitation.

It is the same with guys you have already dated and the reply you give will depend on how you feel about them.

This is really scoping out the possibilities and seeing if there is competition for them on your radar.

This is like asking about the indirect convoluted possibilities of dating without asking.

And without more importantly, the fear of a possible rejection.

Which is a risk and is the main motivation in this scenario.

This is also true if the answers don’t suit them. And he acts jealous or try to make you jealous.

When they hear “it’s nothing serious really but I am seeing someone “.  

This is coming from someone who has ideas or plans to date again and things are not going accordingly.

If you are constantly being informed of his relationship status single or not.

You have to think, where are those motivations coming from or going to?

A wish to make you aware that they are open and willing to getting back together or in the case of not being single to make you jealous.

Either way the motivations can be seen being prompted by strong feelings.

Having any feelings at all toward you is a lot better than indifference.

If he is still feeling hurt or angry enough to bother confronting you, that is actually a good sign in the grand scheme of things.

In the words of Elie Wiesel, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

Likewise, if they are not asking you directly but instead asking your friends or work mates about you, really it adds up to the same thing.

A sign that may prove that your ex will come back.

Besides he must realize that at some stage these cautious inquiries to those around you are bound to get back to you.

4: He asks you questions and genuinely cares about the answers

Again this is someone who is basically saying something with a question.

 By his attention to the answer and you at the same time, speaks volumes.

It says I want and care about your opinion and the person who is giving it.

While he is talking with you if he discusses past moments you shared.

Or slips and uses pet names from the past, perhaps he is being nostalgic for what you once shared together.

Though this can happen to anyone after some length of time together.

It can also be a signal that they are not willing to remain as an ex partner and are looking to get back together.

If while you are talking with him, he turns his body toward you, makes eye contact, and tries to break the touch barrier.

All these are clear indicators that he is giving you his full attention and that his focus is centered on you.

His body language is saying the things that his ego won’t let his mouth say for fear of rejection.

Body language is always a good indicator of someone’s unspoken feelings and a good place to look for signs that may prove his return that he will come back to you.

There is a test you can do while he is talking pick any word he says and every time he says it nod your head.

If the instances of that word increase he is still into you and seeking your approval.

5: Will my ex come back if he makes plans for the future ?

Planning for the future is a means to an end, to keep in contact with you and to continue to be in contact with you even after a break up.

It could be as small as I will call you tomorrow or “How about a coffee at the weekend ?”.

Or as grand as planning next summers holidays with friends and wants to include you.  

These are definitive signs proves you are still firmly in his mind and that he may have ideas about what sun, sand and sangria could do for you both.

6: After the breakup he asks to talk about what happened.

If he looks to discuss the break up afterwards it could possibly be that he is looking for closure, to have the last word.

If he can’t stand you, he is not going to repeatedly try to tell you what went wrong.

Instead, he will do the breakup monologue and do his damnedest to never see you again.

If he still cares he will often keep coming back to rehash what went wrong and perhaps offering solutions.

This could be a way to satisfy a guilty conscience, but it could also be that he is genuinely trying to reconcile.

But confusing you with the process.

He can’t think an argument is going to is going to reconcile us can he?

Remember he could be as confused as you are, even more so possibly.

Then again if the tone he takes is contrite and he takes responsibility for his actions.

Then this is an expression of remorse rather than revenge or retribution.

He could be looking for ways to show he is willing to come back and correct the past’s mistakes.

It is something he regrets and wants to change and resolve and obvious path to starting the relationship again.

If during this discussion he also shares his self-improvement plans and these included areas that you may have suggested.

Well it could not be a clearer sign that proves his return to you.

7: Will my ex come back ? IF….signs

If he leaves stuff at your place and doesn’t make an effort to collect them, this gives him a reason and an apparent legitimate excuse to call or drop in.

It is in essence a bridge not yet burnt, so to speak.

On the other hand a clear sign that the relationship is completely and utterly over is, if he collects all his stuff and returns anything of yours.

You can’t really expect to hear from him again.

If his face lights up when you spots you or he seems genuinely excited to see you when you walk in the room.

It’s an obvious sign that he still has very strong feelings for you that he either can’t hide the fact or does not wish to.

Either way this is a good thing in the signs that prove his return and an openness to coming back.

If he gives you compliments about your hair clothes or anything else for that matter, it is a blatant show of affection.

If he makes fun of the other guys you’ve been hanging out with he is looking to sabotage any possible future rivals for your affections.

If he suggests you do some of the same things you did when you were dating the guy is clearly not over you.

And is willing to come back and wants to be around you regardless whether you two are dating or not, showing an inability to let you go.

If he does these things and you don’t see them as signs that prove his return it could be a sign

you might need glasses….


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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