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Will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

Will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

No matter if want him back or not, he is only going to come back if he wants to.

Are you just having second thoughts like everyone does after a breakup.

And you want to know if the same thoughts are on his mind.

Can you tell will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?


It’s natural to lose some self confidence or self esteem after a breakup.

Getting the sense of rejection and feeling alone can be a struggle to cope with.

Having someone tell you that they don’t want to see you any more.

Well it is enough to bruise anyone’s ego.

The best thing you can do is to try to put on a brave face.

Start making new changes in your life, changes for the better and changes for yourself.

This will not only distract you from thinking obsessively about your troubles.

But making these changes will also make you happier and more confident.


If your breakup has only just happened, you can bet you are still on his mind.

And I am pretty sure he has thought about getting back together with you.

But will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?


People can often act on impulse in ending relationships and breaking up

And it may not be the best to jump straight back into your relationship.

Just because we can or without some problem solving and due consideration.

Rather you should ask yourself if you should and are you sure.

Be sure this is motivated for the right reasons.

Like love and you are sure about this person being special and deserving.

Deserving to take those second thoughts into a second chance with them.

Or are the reasons to get back together the wrong ones.

Like fear of being alone.

And thinking that you will not find someone else to love and love you.


There are no surefire way to tell one hundred percent he wants you back.

Or will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

But there signs that will suggest that it is on his mind or that he is considering it.


Signs my ex boyfriend will come back after a breakup ?

1.Contact signals

If he is in almost non stop communication since the breakup.

This is a very positive sign to suggest will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

It suggests that he is not ready to give up on the relationship.

Even if it means trying to do the impossible, like trying to be friends, after the fact.


If he is initiating lots of phone calls and is reluctant to hang up shows positive indications.

Or he is texting you a lot and returning you texts almost instantly.

Does he seem to be always online  following,  liking and commenting on your social media feeds ?

Are you opening your email to find several mails from your ex ?


When this much contact and communication is initiated and made by him.

It seems like the answer is obvious.

If you are still asking will my ex boyfriend come back after the breakup ?


If he is making so much effort a more pertinent question might be is Am I in danger ?

I mean if you can handle this much attention and it does not put you off.

Do you really have much of a question at all to answer.


But seriously if he is making an effort on these lines of communications.

I think it is safe to say that he is not ready to let the relationship go.

He could be sending a couple of text messages a day and this alone would be considered a reasonably good sign he is still into you and open to the possibility.

2.The tone and content of the communication

The tone and content of the communications would also give you a hint as to his state of mind.

If your ex is texting or calling you and he is giving you direct, motivated high quality communication.

It could mean he is looking to get to know you again.

Trying to turn over a new leaf or start a new chapter.


If your ex is opening up and sharing news about his life and is inquiring about yours.

Then it is possible he is trying to reconnect again.

During communications if he is asking if you are dating someone else.

This is very positive that he would at some point be open to getting back together.


Chances are if you have told him you are dating someone and he reacts in a jealous manner.

This also is a negative way to show a positive sign.

That tho there is an obstacle in his way he may still have ideas about you two getting back together.


On the same lines and in a similar vein.

An ex who still has deep feelings for you may go out of their way to make it clear.

Clear that you know they themselves are not seeing someone.

This could be so as to not cause you pain.

And so that you will know they are still available.


If he were really not bothered about the relationship.

He might send some invective in a text.

Then delete your number to have the last word and leave it at that.


Instead any communication that is not overtly negative has to be seen as a positive sign.

This kind of communication at any quantity is about keeping you in his life and him in yours.

About not letting you forget him and also about not giving you the opportunity to forget him.

4.If he finds time to catch up with your friends

If he is finding and making time to be catching up with your friends.

There is only one reason unless he wants to date one of them.

Then it could be a two faced reason.


Seriously tho if he is not chasing one of them he is chasing information about you.

He might be trying not to make it so obvious, but it is really.

The effort to to do this is a statement of commitment.

To keeping an eye on you even if it is by proxy or at a distance.

Your friends would be a good source of information on and about you.


By this i mean he could be overt and ask the classic direct question.

Does she talk about me in a good way or in a bad way.

Is she talking about anyone else?

And these inquiries can in themselves send messages along the grapevine.

He would know that if he is making those types of questions known to your friends.

They are going to get back to you.

It is a means of asking without asking you directly.

Without the possibility of annoying you in person.


It’s like the way, it was done when you were kids.

Ask her friends if she likes me.

Then ask them, to ask her, if she wants to go out with me.

Convoluted and a bit childish but it avoids awkward often painful situations.

And it does not take much or “dutch” courage to do.


At this stage after a breakup and these kinds of approaches.

It is about making sure it is not irrevocable or irreconcilable.

Not doing further damage to make it worse.

Damage limitation if you will.


By the same token.

If he maintains close ties with your family.

This is a means of keeping his foot in the door, so to speak.

Unless your family are ultra cool and really fun to hang out with.

No really this is just a ploy to get information on or about you.

He could be hanging out in the hope of seeing you.

Or at least your family will remind him to you.

5.He hasn’t hooked up

If it was truly over and done, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He would embrace the single life.

Go on a bender and hook up or a least try to.

This is the way guys get over a breakup and show they are moving on at least in their minds.

It could also be how the anger phase plays out after the breakup.

Feeling the pain and wanting to share that pain by possibly eliciting jealousy in his ex.

At least that is a notion behind the action.


If on the other hand there is no attempt on his part to take play the single guy.

And even further if he makes it clear there are no such intentions in his mind.

The guy is clearly making a statement of intent, being patient and keeping your place for you.

Will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

Maybe he wants you to come back to him.

If he still wants you back then he has no reason to search for another.

Until he is sure that there is absolutely no chance or possibility of a reunion.

Even then he could still hold on to the hope and avoid hooking up just so as to not spoil his chances.

6.Obvious declarations

He said he loved you at the time of the breakup

If your ex tells you he loves you at the time of the breakup, this is a great sign.

It means you’re not dealing with a loss of love, but perhaps some other issue.

Maybe it has to do with compatibility, location, or some other situation.

But if you have the base emotion there and he admits it.

The issue is going to be how to get his emotional side to overtake from his rational side.


If he also seemed really and genuinely upset at the breakup.

Or seems sad and scared about the idea of not having you in his life.

This goes a long way to answer will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ? 

Has he been open and clear about his feelings on the breakup with you?

To the point of apologizing for his part in the breakup.

And has owned up to his mistakes made in the relationship.

And has taken full responsibility for them.


He might even have said he’s working on becoming a better man.

He’s hoping you can wipe the slate clean and take him back.

Of course, this big talk need to align with his actions.

But the signs are positive with will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?


Perhaps this isn’t an actual breakup but rather just a break.

Like that episode of friends where Ross after being accused of cheating on Rachael is saying We were on a break!

Maybe it is just time apart to see how you really feel.

If you’ve gone down this path of breakup before and gotten back together again

That increases the chances dramatically that you’re going to do it again.

It’s not for certain.

But you’ve got a better shot as you have been down this road before.


People can start, end, and resume relationships.

The road you take as a couple can hit rocky patches and speed bumps where it is necessary to slow down.

As emotions can fluctuate over time.

Sometimes a relationship that didn’t work out in the past.

Can actually be successful and work out  in the future.

It depends on a number of factors that affect Will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

Like the timing of the relationship, age and maturity levels of you both.

And more importantly having similar and common goals.


On again, off again relationships are quite common.

I’m not saying this is healthy or that it is not.

But it does put a question mark on the overall stability of the relationship.

But suggests your chances of reunion are better than average.

Sometimes it’s the time apart.

That makes you realize things about the other person.

And the relationship like just how much you love each other.


It ain’t over until


A good rule of thumb is that it’s only really over when he picks up his own stuff.

By picking up all their belongings this is sending a strong message.

That the door is being shut and bridges are being burnt.

If he is putting it off this can be seen as a delay tactic.

so he can have an excuse to talk to you later.

Or perhaps as an excuse to call in and see you.

Or it could be that he feels you two will eventually end up together again.

And will my ex boyfriend come back after a breakup ?

If you see signs like these he just might.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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