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Take revenge on your ex as well as the Count of Monte-Cristo did.



There is nothing like the sting of rejection to make you feel cold.

Then there is the heat of blood boiling baying to take revenge on your ex.

The tears of sorrow give way to only one thought.

Cold blooded revenge on your ex pure and simple.

Revenge on your ex , revenge on your ex revenge revenge


Warnings about taking revenge on your Ex


Before we go jump off in the deep end and talk about getting back at the ex.

We should include a caveat that revenge usually ends up or rather just does not end.

It creates a cycle of reap what you sow.

That usually means an escalating battle of wits.

In a race to the bottom, as in it can start off simple enough.

A frivolous and careless word or two on a social media site that you both have accounts on.

Next thing you know both of you are up in court for reckless endangerment.

Getting banned from driving for two years.


Yes revenge on your ex is a bottomless pit of negativity.

Where karma kicks your butt through the circles of Dante’s Inferno,

for what can be an eternity.

There is one more thing to think about before we get to the gory details.

It is not going to be a good thing for you


I mean you will be playing with the double edged sword of Damocles.

That sword cuts both ways and it can be used against you.

You may end up looking like a crazy person.

Whom no one would want to go on a dinner date with

except with plastic cutlery to eat with .

OK so the warnings have been given now and you have gotten this far.

I will assume you are committed or perhaps you will be by the end …


Revenge on your ex


We are going to start off with easy ways and ones that are subtle.

Then work our way towards the down right crazy end of the scale of things people have done.

Once again this is for reference purposes only

I am not suggesting this is a to do list…

Get over taking revenge on your ex and the ex


The best way for you to take revenge on your ex is to get over it.

Sure the reasons you have been brought to this point does not bare repeating.

So don’t do it, forget the whole thing.

If you feel like you want to cry then go right ahead, you should get your feelings out.

And that is a good thing for you to do.


Take up some physical exercise like jogging or swimming.

Martial arts or Krav maga may not be a good idea given your state of mind.

But something to get you over the break up and help you to forget.

Make you feel better about yourself and look better.

Is there any better way to get revenge on your ex?


Be happy

The reasons that brought you to this point are not happy ones.

So don’t let someone else dictate or influence your mood.

That is just another way you will tell them you are still under their spell.

Showing them that you are happy, displays the fact that they mean nothing to you.

The relationship, the ex partner even the reasons for the break up have no effect on you.

The satisfaction can be overpowering.

Their power over you is over Mwa Ha Ha Ha ( maniacal laughter ).


Hang out with your friends a lot. 

Moving on with your life is another way to take revenge on your ex.

Again it shows how little you think of your ex.

It will benefit you more as you turn away from even giving the ex the time of day in your thoughts.

Your friends will be supportive and help to replace the lost love and move on.

They can instill a sense of fun and joy back into your life.

And surely that is better for you than a downward spiral of negativity at the stage.

Perhaps you could use some advice from a professional ?

Not enough revenge for you OK…


Send them a flirty text « by accident ».

Sure in this day and age it would be hard not to include technology as tools for revenge on your ex.

And I am sure you would have a lot of information that would be helpful.

In creating happy little accidents for them.


You could send them a flirty or highly charged sexy text by accident.

It could be light and suggestive making the ex think you have moved on already

and are having fun.

Or it could be a full on text saying how you can’t wait to see them again.

And have them rock your world again like like no one else has.

Nothing like a kick in the groin to make them feel inadequate in bed.

Of course that may not work for you if they know you are not seeing anyone.


So you could  back up your story with a couple of social media posts.

Well Social media posts on its own could be an epic article on revenge.

A couple of selfie photos with a stranger would back up the flirty text.


Shared technology as a means for revenge on your ex


As a couple you may have had access to their social media accounts and passwords.

If so …

Time for another disclaimer the internet has some very questionable things on it.

If you did not know already.

And how badly you want revenge on your ex will determine how far you want to take this.


I mean it could be a dating site for ex prisoners that you sign them up to.

Or even to support a political party that you know they had a pet hate for.

The internet has a myriad of choices from funny to out right sick.

This can be tailored to suit your ex’s taste and personality.


You could change their statuses, profile photos, likes and so on to tick them off.

You could subscribe them to questionable feeds.

Or even deleting someone from your social media friends lists.

It might not seem like a fantastic way to get revenge.

But it can really get to some people.


For one girl it was her ex had been an abusive jerk.

She knew that doing something as simple as deleting him from her friends list would set him off.

And really bother him.

This revenge was very subtle but yet extremely effective for her.

Her ex now had no access to spy on or control on her life!

She knew how to get revenge on him.

Without risking her safety and while preserving her sanity.

And in that way it is a total win for that alone.


The friends list can cause so much controversy.

That merely deleting someone from access to your profile can be a huge deal.

Sometimes it the simple things that are the best revenge out there.


On the subject of the internet you will most likely have the ex’s email address.

Or even a number of them, you could even have their passwords.

You could simply spend a few hours subscribing them to all the spam they can take.

Imagine their face as they open their mail box to find so many mails from so many sources.


Perhaps you shared an email with your significant other it can sound so romantic.

But yet it can also backfire so disastrously if the relationship ends badly.


One girl’s ex forgot that they shared an email, so she went and deleted important job offers.

He will think that he hasn’t gotten his dream job or that they did not even reply.

Having access to this email can also mean that she can pretend to be him,

and find out all of his activities.

She will also be able to access his other accounts or lock him out whenever she wants to.

This can be devastating to his career prospects.

The power is in her hands until he either changes the password.

Or sets up a separate email account.


People can be really lazy with their accounts.

Though, and that gives her the ultimate advantage.

Fun with phone numbers

People have had the same kind of fun with phone numbers.

Posting them on dating sites.

Find those really seedy sites that are just full of creeps.

Of course, you’ll have to create an account.

This should not be a problem.

As you probably still have a bunch of your ex’s pictures on your hard drive?


If you’re feeling more adventurous.

Include his/her work address and home address to really give the creeps something to go on.


For sale revenge on your ex going cheap

Posting unbelievably cheap for sale adverts on everything they own.

You could include his/her work address and home address and say to call in anytime.

This is bound to get their phone ringing and put a flea in their ear.


Mess with their head

One guy was angry that his ex-wife took everything from him in their divorce.

And he grabbed onto the one thing he could still control.

He had bought a WiFi-enabled thermostat.

That allows him to control the temperature of the house.

Even when he was no longer living in the house.


His ex-wife probably didn’t know how to change the settings.

So, this allowed him to continue to mess with the temperature in her house.

Thus making life for her generally uncomfortable.

Revenge on your ex through online banking


What better way to get revenge on an ex than to steal some of his money?

For whatever reason, one girls ex-boyfriend never changed the password on his bank account.

She was able to still log in and send money to her own checking account.

Her ex clearly didn’t check his statements regularly either.

She might even be able to steal hundreds or thousands of dollars from him.

Before he got wise to it and changed his password.

But what if he never does notice? How long can her little plan go on?


Her ex might end up funding her life if he doesn’t learn to change his passwords every so often!

Stealing money from an ex can be really great revenge, albeit not exactly legal.

Still, she’s probably finding some satisfaction in this revenge.


In autumn last year a man from Donegal in Ireland appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

To retell the story of a groom who had a surprise for his wife on their wedding day.

He asked all the guests to stand up and look at the underside of the plate in front of them.


If they had a red dot on, they were asked to stay standing.

Everyone else was asked to sit back down.

Eight men remained standing.

The groom told the wedding party.

That these men had all slept with his wife since they were engaged.

And that he was getting an annulment, before walking straight out of the room.


A cautionary tale of revenge on your ex

Another girl got back at her ex-boyfriend by going to his job.

And yelling at him so that he would get in trouble at work.

Then she went back to the house and burned his clothes.


Apparently, she’s gotten some money now from an inheritance

and believes that she no longer needs him.

That alone suggests that she stayed in the relationship for financial reasons.

Anyway, her ex turned the tables and got revenge on HER!


It turned out he owned everything and has the legal documents to prove it.

He also had plenty of leverage when he saved screenshots of her texts.

In which she dissed her friends and that he knows she’s been stealing from her company.

She had thought that she was getting one up on him.

When he completely obliterated the entire security of her life in less than 60 minutes.


With all these tips and stories in mind, just be sure you have a backup plan.

There’s a line that says, “Never use a permanent solution for a temporary problem.”

Your desire for revenge will only be temporary.

But ruining your reputation and being sent to jail

will have repercussions that will stay with you for a long time.

Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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