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Spy on your ex : The best 8 ways to apply

Spy on your ex, just because it feels good right now.

And gives you a sense of control.

Does not mean it is really a good idea.

It is only a sense of control not actual control

To spy on your ex can end up hurting you more than you think.

In just observing your ex you are wasting your time.

When it could be better spent in company.


We have all been there.

We have been dumped.

Or maybe we did the dumping.

Now, we are just a little curious about our exes.

Many of us have been guilty of the late night drive by.

Past an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend’s house while we try peer in the windows.

Or maybe we deleted their contact information.

And now we are using a phone number lookup to look up that random number.


Most of these feelings stem from our own insecurities.

We want to know that the person we left behind.

Or who left us behind, is doing worse than we are.

Did she gain ten pounds?

Is he dating an ugly troll?

Is she never leaving her apartment and just bathing in her own misery?

Good I feel better knowing that now.

I can go about my day I just needed to know that.


It is human nature to be curious.

The problem is, you might not like what you find.

We have all done it.

And statistics show it is an astounding ninety eight percent of people.

Have googled or checked social media for information on their ex’s at some point.


The legality is messy in terms of spousal spying.

Parents are usually permitted to put spyware on a child’s phone or other devices.

However, using tracking tech on a spouse or ex  spouse’s phone.

Without their consent it is generally illegal.


In fact, people who engage in this activity can face a felony charge in the United States.

There are a few exceptions, such as emergency situations.

But spousal spying via phone interception is usually not OK.

I suppose it is OK to be in their vicinity very often.


With other devices, the penalties have historically been uneven.

And depend greatly on the specific details of each situation.

In a 2012 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court held that law enforcement’s use of GPS trackers.

To monitor a person falls under Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

For private individuals, however, laws involving GPS tracking devices remains murky at best.

And can differ from place to place.


With technology being what it is today.

People can often get annoyed when it is not as instant as they believe it should be.

Have you seen people worrying or becoming arrogant for not getting a reply.

To their message after social media notified them that their message has been read ?

As many as three quarters of the people reading this.

Would have experienced this or must have witnessed this situation.

What was before this feature was introduced?

The sender would not have actually worried about whether they saw the message or not.

Or read it for that matter.

There are in fact billions of mobile phones and just as many users.

Then it goes without saying we all are subject to those advances in technology.

But we are by default subject of those advances in technology.

One only has to be aware of targeted advertisements to see how far things have gone.

If you think the idea of every mobile phone being turned into a listening device.

Like in  The Dark Knight.

Is an idea of science fiction you might find that you are behind the times.


1. Spy on your ex using mutual friends

Using mutual friends to spy on you ex has been used and around for a long time.

It was a way to see if they were interested in you in school.

You would ask their friends if so and so was into you and that could start a relationship.

And so it was in the end also.

Those same friends would be called on again in the hope of getting the low down on the ex.

This is the no tech solution to spy on your ex.

The thing about this solution is that you can never be assured of those mutual friends loyalty.

And you must remember that it is a two way street.

Anything you ask of them can be relayed to the one you are spying on.

So this method has its drawbacks.

It is still a good source of information albeit second hand.


2. If you work together

If you did happen to work together.

This also would be a decent source of information regarding your ex.

Once again it is a second hand gossip type of information.

The water cooler type of information you would get is subject to little verification.

Again it is also subject to the reliability of that person.

And how close they work with the person you are looking at.


3. If you have children together use them to spy on your ex

To spy on your ex through the use of your children.

Can be a Machiavellian means to get information.

It can increase the apparent bond between you as a parent and the child or children depending.

You may have to sit and chat for hours.

To get something close to the information you want from them.


And then again you may not get anything.

It is not always easy to get information from children.

Just try asking them directly to tell you about what they did at school.

And you could get a solid “nothing”.


But having said that left to their own devices.

And given a little freedom they can unwittingly provide nuggets of info that is useful.

Like other word of mouth methods it is subject to certain restrictions.


It is very difficult to interrogate a four year old and probably illegal in most countries.

But after that age they can be pumped for some idea about the state of affairs of the ex.

Of  course you may have to sit through many hours of their favourite toy stories.

Or some other utterly useless trivia.

Before you can get to ask about how many toothbrushes are in the bathroom.

Or whatever else you are looking for.

Once again it is a two way street of information.

And making it too obvious will probably end up in the ears of the other side.


4. To spy on your ex Do It Yourself

You could do worse than try a do it yourself approach.

Stick on your best deer stalker tote a large magnifying glass and off you go.

No seriously there is plenty of information on the net how to find things out.

And the fact that you used to date will help with all the background details.

Unless you a completely thoughtless person.

You might have an idea of their birthday and place of birth.


In terms of identity theft this is the beginning of a vein of data gold.

You may even have some idea of passwords and so on.

But that won’t tell you much about their dating habits and if the date is sleeping over.

In a do it yourself mode you could follow them at a distance.

Observing their daily routine.

Noting and tracking their every move.


But who the exception of ardent stalkers, have the time and energy to do this.

Staking out their house for hours on end staring at the shadows being thrown on to the blinds.

Or trying to peep in the windows from their bushes.

You must be well aware of how that seems or looks.

If you are known to the neighbors they might not call the police.

Then again they might just for fun.


5. To spy on your ex use professionals

With the knowledge you have about the subject it might be a struggle for you.

But in the hands of a professional expert it is the least of the information you could provide.

You could hire a private detective to spy on your ex.

Someone like Mickey Spillane.

Or some bogey type character in a mackintosh to do the dirty work.

And would go some way to getting a handle on the ex’s activities.

They could get photographic evidence if you needed it.

The thing about this option is you would knead some amount of dough or bread.

You could not keep this option up for too long as it would easily break the bank very soon.


6. To spy on your ex use a drone

These are all the rage these days with some companies looking to make deliveries using them.

And medical emergency supplies being delivered to inaccessible locations using drones.

There has to be a company using them to watch people.

Oh yeah the military the police and other not so public agencies.


Though they may not be available to the public for hire.

I am sure there is someone out there willing to watch your ex for you for a price as always.

They can be small enough to look like a bug on a wall.

And they can capture audio and sometimes video.

For the complete fly on the wall experience use Observant private trackers your spy on your ex.


7. Spy on your ex using global positioning satellite tracking beacons

Somewhat similar to the clapper that would tell you where you left your keys.

If it was in earshot of the sound of a clap.

The use of global positioning tracking beacons.

Could be a way for you to track the location of your ex if you wanted to.


Well if it was not illegal.

To do this without either their consent, you are hardly likely to get consent if you are their ex.

Or if you were their legal guardian you do not need their consent.

That would be a complicated kind of relationship maybe Woody Allen can get away with it.


With modern smartphones this kind of technology is built in .

So perhaps you could buy your ex a top of the range phone as a gift.

And just have it tracked insured and monitored.

If it is accepted as a gift.

I’m sure you kind of (E.&O.E.) bypass the legality questions of having to spy on your ex.

And you never know you could get into their good books and onto their Christmas card list with it.

With a bit of internet searching.

I am sure there will be someone out there who will hack it for you.

In order to make it completely accessible to you.

As in you could have audio feeds from it or you could get video.

Along with the tracking element.

So far this is the best option in terms of price and of features that it would make available to you.

And with some tech hack know how.

It could be your own private tracking device in their pocket or bag.

They may never leave home without it.

And with it you may never have to suffer hiding in the poison ivy bushes again.


8. What you can use Social Media to spy on your ex ?

No really ?

But seriously this has to be the top means for professionals and amateurs alike to spy on their ex.

Or whomever they wish to keep an eye on.

With it gone mobile there are options that make it unnecessary to use anything else.

With everything from  timestamps and positioning on message uploads and read.

To positioning tracking from tagging photos to the amount of unsolicited information that gushes onto it.

Why would you bother using anything else.

With billions of users it has a wealth of information.

That are only seven degrees of separation from anyone.

Obviously you don’t need to be a genius to know how to use it.

But you would want to be an intelligence quota challenged person.

To not see its potential to spy on your ex.

Isn’t it what the intelligence agencies spend their day looking at ?

Or have all those users become private detectives ?


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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