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The famous 3P rule to seduce my ex husband

Physical Psychological and Passion ( think emotional ) are the P parts

in the famous 3P rule to seduce my ex husband.

They are in no particular order that is to say that Physical is not first in rank of importance.

In order « to seduce my ex husband » they all need to be included in equal measure for it to work.


« A man chases a girl until she catches him »  ~ Irving Berlin


Seduction is a big part of any relationship,

and it is the catalyst that brings two people together.

And it continues to bond the couple throughout the life of the relationship.

But it is not always consciously thought about or planned.

If it is forgotten about, it can be to the detriment of the couple and relationship as a whole.

That is where the three P rule can come in.


The three P rule helps to maintain a balanced approach “to seduce my ex husband”.

Working through the Physical, Psychological and Passion ( think emotional ) areas,

creates a well rounded method to a seduction or a relationship.


Attraction between two people works like a mental, physical and biological magnet.

And you can do all sorts of things to seduce my ex husband and get him back.

It should be noted that seduction and attraction are not based purely on physical things.

They have to include all three to be a complete package.

That can be a common mistake made by couples , to favor one aspect over another.

Of course the Physical aspect of it is a big part of it especially for men.


But there should also be equal Psychological and Passion or emotional parts

that should not be forgotten.

After or even during long term relationships it is not unusual for one aspect of the relationship,

to  take a back seat to the others.

By this I mean it is not unheard of to have sex with an ex,

after the Psychological and Passion or emotional, aspects have prompted a split.

And this can be part of the symptoms or causes for the split that one part takes a back seat.

Creating an unbalanced relationship and leading to dissatisfaction or problems in that area.


Kitty Cavalier of the School of Cheek and Charm  had this to say on the subject.

« It’s interesting that we associate seduction with sex,

when in fact, true seduction is the opposite of sex.

Sex is when desire is met.

Seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire.

It is about the thrill of the desire itself.

It is the game that is played as the desire comes closer, and closer, and closer

and being able to maintain that tension of wanting for a long, long time ».


When people get married they are legally considered as husband and wife.

They adopt the various responsibilities to work on and at the marriage for the long term.

Does ’til death do us part does that ring any wedding bells ?

Being as one in marriage, the couple are bound to support and

try to meet the needs of each other as much as possible.

And to work together in building a happy stable and meaningful relationship.


Most of the relationships end because they begin to see the marriage as a routine

and a chore commitment rather than a joyful one.

Communication can falter and expectations fail to be met.

And they can mean different things to each partner.

For him it could be a physical expectation that is lacking to create discontent.

For her it could be a passion or emotional expectation that fails to be met.

The couple feels that the joy changes to routine and it becomes just hard work in the relationship.

The husband and wife may feel like they are not happy anymore with their partner.

It could be because of lack of communication, intimacy, respect or even trust.


As this happens one aspect of the relationship takes president over others.

It may be the passion that gets lost or the psychological aspect becomes a battlefield.

Even the physical aspects can become an issue.

So the divide begins to appear and then separation occurs.


To seduce my ex husband gain insight into the issues


Before anything else, you first have to sit down and

really think about the reasons why your marriage has gone sour.

Give some time to ask yourself a lot of questions and to get the answers.


You cannot get your ex husband back without asking yourself first the questions like:


  • Why have you separated from your husband?
  • Can you identify a reason for the separation?
  • Do you even know why the two of you broke up?
  • Do you know why, but do not want to admit it?
  • Is it really worth it to save the relationship?
  • Is it worth the effort to get back with him?
  • Why do I want him back ?
  • What really went wrong with the marriage?
  • What was my part in the breaking up the relationship ?
  • How was he in the relationship?
  • Did he complain about specific things again and again ?
  • Did he lie to me many times?
  • Was there infidelity ?

As you attempt to answer these questions for yourself, it is essential to be honest with yourself.

If for example you caught or suspect him of cheating many times.

You must think this is likely to happen again.

So then the idea of getting back with him will cause you more pain and suffering.

And it is likely statistically that he will do it again.


If however, despite your husband’s mistakes, you still desire “to seduce my ex husband”.

You will not be able move forward until you’re able to pinpoint

exactly what went wrong with your husband.

And why the relationship has deteriorated.


Some common issues that cause divorce


Regardless of the issues that led to the divorce or split,

you need to do some deep soul searching to source the malady.

Here are some of the top reasons for divorce separation and relationship break ups


  • Infidelity. Extra-marital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of most marriages that end in divorce.
  • Money. Money makes people funny, or so the saying goes, and it’s true.
  • Lack of or poor communication.
  • Constant arguing.
  • Weight gain.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • Lack of intimacy.
  • Lack of equality.


Infidelity is an out and out deal breaker so very little needs to be said about it.

Except if you are going to get back with a cheater.

You have to clearly understand what you are letting yourself in for.

It will  be more of the same again most likely.


Money is pretty much the same as there is little can be said,

as far as going back to an ex where money was a problem.

If gambling or excessive spending was the problem

those things are still likely to be issues unless they get help with them.   


As for Poor Communication its importance cannot be overstated.

The rest on the list can be solved if this one is tackled properly.

As communication is essential to a healthy, functioning relationship.

If you never talk and express yourselves.

You’re never going to be able to work through your issues.

Hell you may not even get to know what the issues are,

if they are kept secret and not clearly openly and honestly communicated.


Steps to seduce my ex husband


The first step “to seduce my ex husband” is to come to grips with the situation.

Accept that there has been a break-up.

Which may be a separation or a divorce and no matter whose fault it was,

if you keep struggling against reality and refuse to accept it,

you are losing out even before you have begun.


Enhance yourself to seduce my ex husband


In order to reignite the flame of love and “to seduce my ex husband”

you need to Physically Psychologically  and Passionately or emotionally attract his attention.


The Physical attraction is obvious enough by paying closer attention to your appearance.

It would also cover areas like personal hygiene and grooming.

Perhaps get a new hairstyle or some well fitted new clothes.

It could be the result of some time spent at the gym to give you that ex-tra wow factor.

Working out helps to get over the post break up slump.

It is a great benefit to both the mental and Physical areas of your situation.


Also observing behavior carefully like your own body language and theirs.

Indulging in a little flirting like the gentle touch of your hand on his

at the right time can be very seductive.

Flirting signals that you feel attractive.

You might feel far from that, but here’s a shortcut for getting back there.

Bring your playful self to your interactions with him.

Do your happy dance.

Laugh when he’s funny, and reference the inside jokes you share.

Flirt and you’ll trick yourself into feeling confident instead of insecure.

Feeling confident is the same as being confident.


Making yourself stand out is another way to seduce my ex husband.

It could be the entrance you make to a party you both attend.

The way the room seems to fall silent and all eyes turn to you.

And you nonchalantly make your way to where he is and pay him the attention.


Now you may say that is not me you are talking about.

I couldn’t do that but you can access your innate femininity.

Be confident in your own skin and about your attractiveness to your ex.

This is the essence of true seduction to a man.

A woman who knows herself to have beauty.


To seduce my ex husband be happy


There is nothing more seductive than someone who not only enjoys life,

but one who radiates happiness.

It may not be easy given your situation but it will help in the process.

Happiness has been shown to be contagious and it makes people want to be around you.

Smiling at him will also be a means to show him how attractive you are.

Especially if he expects something else like an argument or a disagreement.


To seduce my ex husband send out feelers


Find small ways to let your ex know he still figures in your thoughts

You can and should take advantage of your shared past.

You will know some amount of background information on him so use it to your advantage.

For instance send him a short mail saying how you reread a book that used to be his favorite.

And then it made you think of him.

However make sure to keep these correspondences short, light and casual.

Stay clear of the relationship and its issues as topics for conversation at least initially.


Be sure to show you are listening to any conversations and I mean really listening.

Don’t go checking your phone during conversations it is not how to seduce my ex husband.


Take it slow to seduce my ex husband


Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting

-Joyce Meyer

Remember seduction is not a quick fix by any means.

It means taking your time and savoring every moment.

Take the lead without him realizing it.

Remain discreet and mysterious and be spontaneous and fun.

Sure we all have to be serious at some stages but not all the time.

Trust your senses.


Don’t withhold affection when they are being affectionate with you, reciprocate it.

Savor the sweetness of being in each other’s company.

You should not act ugly in any way, shape, or form.

When they withdraw and require some space, you should do the same.

Give them the space as they need.

Even before they have to ask for it, so they will miss you again.


Always maintain a little mystery let them find out at little more about you everyday.

You should have shared interests and individual ones too.

Keep their interest by indulging in personal development in an ongoing basis.

It could be classes continuing to study or learning something like a new language.

It can be part of the Psychological seduction.



Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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