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5 Part plan to get my ex back forever

If you want your ex back, your plan to get my ex back is to work.

And you are going to have to work at it.

You may not like some of the parts.

Like the work bits.

But if you stick with it and see it through.

It removes all the confusion and gives you direction.

It’s the plan to get my ex back forever and it works.

So let’s jump right in…


Plan to get my ex back forever Part 1:

Follow the No Contact Rule

The first part in the plan to get my ex back forever is cutting off all contact.

What does the no contact mean?

That means no communication whatsoever for 30 days.

No calls

No texts

No chats on the internet by whatever method or in person

No responding if they message you

No social media stalking for that matter either

No contact with them at all

The key to succeeding in this part and in the plan as a whole is to control your emotions.

This is usually easier said than done.

Especially after a breakup when our emotions are usually running hot and cold.

When you miss your ex, it’s easy to let emotions and longing take over.

Causing you to reach out to them in an attempt to stay on their mind.

To maybe reignite the spark or fix what went wrong.

Out of sight, out of mind may lead you to try to reach out.

Because the thought of them moving on and forgetting about you is too scary to bare.

Just a text it won’t hurt.

But, it will hurt.

It will hurt the plan to get my ex back forever.

Adhere to the no contact rule without question.

Even if your ex contacts you, politely let them know you need some time.

And end the conversation.

Engaging them further that will only drag you back into the cycle of drama.

Or of constantly thinking of them and you don’t want that.

At this stage, you need to focus on yourself.

Your mental peace, and getting the relationship you want.

Plan to get my ex back forever Part 2:

Lose the Baggage

Your fears, insecurities, negative emotions, and wishful thinking.

Will be your biggest barrier to succeeding here.

Controlling your emotions and impulses is key at this stage.

It’s the foundation of the plan to get my ex back forever.


  1. It gives you a chance to detox from the relationship.
  2. Remember that you can live without them or a relationship.
  3. Gives them time to miss you and reset their mental image of you.
  4. Gives you time to evaluate the relationship to see if this is the person for you.
  5. You avoid mistakes that ruin your chances of getting them back.


Plan to get my ex back forever Part 3:

Work On Yourself


Another big barrier to the plan to get my ex back forever is fixating on the relationship.

Pining for what was lost, and wishing things would be different.

Not only is it an barrier to getting the relationship you want.

It is also an barrier to your own sense of peace.


Learn to accept reality as it really is.

Is the antidote to the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions we experience after a breakup.

You are no longer at the mercy of your ex or some other external thing.

You are “OK” just because you accept “what is”

And don’t need that to be any different.


Now, I know that is easier said than done.

Accepting “what is” requires putting down your judgments

And assessment of things as good or bad.

And, that can be extremely difficult to do.

As we are told that being in a romantic relationship is an achievement almost.


But, in order to deal with your emotions effectively.

You have to realize that it is your story of what is happening that causes your suffering.

If you frame it as they left me because I’m worthless and unlovable.

And I’ll never find anyone like them and life will forever be a miserable place.

Sure, of course, you’re going to suffer immensely!


Luckily, the period of no contact will give you the time.

To drop your stories and see things in a more positive light.

Intense emotional experiences can send your thoughts into a spin.

So it’s really important to try and find a stillness within and learn to quiet your mind.

Or at least slow it down a bit.


After you deal with your negative emotions.

You will feel better on the inside and it will show outwardly.

As a result, you will be relaxed, and at ease.

A chilled and positive outlook is one the most attractive qualities to have.


That’s why it’s key during the no contact period to engage in your life.

With things that truly make you feel good.

But sometimes filling your life with positive things is not enough.

Sometimes it’s more about removing the self destructive, negative thinking.

And the behavior that the negative thinking creates.

Changing the way that you see the world yourself and your situations.


Our minds often work the same way.

No matter what we’re looking at…

There will always be a fault with it if the mirror we are viewing things in is negative or dirty .

When we deal with our negative thoughts and emotions and learn to accept reality for what it is.

We, in essence, are cleaning our mirror.

When we see the world  and ourselves.

And the situations we find ourselves in a clear and positive mirror.

We naturally exude a radiant, positive vibe.



Ways to feel and look your absolute best.

Get active.


During this time, a great idea is to get active.

It’s nearly common knowledge that exercise provides many benefits on various levels.

Both physically and emotionally.

Exercise can help us reduce our stress levels, boost our mood.

Relieve anxiety, increase relaxation, helps us stay focused  and so on.

In addition to feeling good, exercise will also help you look really good.

You could take up martial arts, jumping rope, kettle bells, cycling or swimming.

You could just go run on the treadmill or outside when it’s nice.

Get those endorphins pumping!


Change up your look.


Changing your hairstyle or wardrobe can have a huge impact on your overall confidence.

And can make you feel good about yourself.

Changing your external appearance can inspire the courage.

To make more substantial changes.

Something as simple as working on your personal style.

Can eventually lead to actions and choices.

That can improve your energy, satisfaction and joy in life.


Spend time with good friends.

One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is the company of good friends.

Good friends remind you of who you really are.

They can give you a new perspective on things.

And can lift your spirits when you are down.

Good friends serve as one of the best distractions.

As opposed to eating a bucket of ice cream or chicken wings on the couch all alone.

Because they can help to build you up in the meantime.

And leave you more empowered, stronger, and more in touch with who you are.

It might be worth it to define who good friends are.

Good friends are those that help you see the most useful interpretation of your situation.

They don’t look to blame or help you wallow in self-pity.

They have compassion for you, yet believe that you are inherently fine.

They remind you of how fun you are and how much life itself has to offer.


During this time take advantage of your support network the people in your life.

Plan a trip. See a show you all always wanted to see.

Do all the things that make you feel alive and do it in good company.


Make new friends and meet new people.

Also, don’t be afraid to go out there and meet new friends.

And date new people.

Having new exciting options is one of best ways to succeed.

In implementing the plan to get my ex back forever.


It prevents you from stressing or obsessing over your ex.

It also reminds you that you have options.

You are not at the mercy of your ex waiting for them to come around.

Instead, you’ll be able to choose more wisely based on what suits you.


Pursue your passion

Most of us may struggle to say what our passion in life is.

We are too bogged down in our obligations, responsibilities, and routines.

To carve out any time to give some thought to the things we are passionate about.

Maybe you’ve always had a love of art, gardening or sports.

You can and should take this time to try something new.

You might just find a passion for something you didn’t know you had before.

Engaging in these activities and hobbies that we love.

Remind us of who we really are and reinvigorate us.


Plan to get my ex back forever Step 4:

The Reconnect

Now that you’ve successfully completed the no contact period.

And have taken the time to work on your mind, body, and soul.

It’s time to reconnect with them if you really want to.


At this point, any negative feelings or opinions your ex had have most likely dissipated.

They will have forgotten about the bad times and what went wrong.

Human beings have a tendency to idealize the past.

So once you’re “past,” they will only remember the good stuff.

And the bad stuff will drift further into the back of their mind.

They will start to wonder what you’re up to.


It doesn’t really matter how it happens.

Maybe they will reach out to you, it happens.

Maybe you will initiate contact with them.

The key thing at this stage is to keep things casual.


When you have already detoxed from the negative aspects of the relationship.

It should be easy or at least easier.

You’re working out, hanging out with friends.

Maybe you have been on a couple of dates and are involved in new hobbies.

Essentially, you know your life doesn’t revolve around a relationship anymore.

You’ve done the mental and emotional work to be fine with the outcome.

Either way and there is no pressure.

You are in a place where you hope things do work out with them.

But you know you’ll be fine if they don’t.


Plan to get my ex back forever Part 5:

The checklist and tips

To know for sure if you’re ready to reconnect with your ex:


You have fully healed from the pain of the breakup.

You aren’t carrying any baggage like negativity, anger, resentment, sadness, need and so on.

You have had zero contact with them for a period of at least 30 days.

You’ve been focusing on looking and feeling your best and feel very confident in who you are.

You accept that fact that they might not get back together and this doesn’t terrify you.

You know you’ll be OK.

You want them back for the right reasons.

It’s not about ego or fear of being alone.

You genuinely believe they are the one for you.


Here are some tips for your conversation with your ex:


Keep things light, fun and free of drama.

The relationship or the breakup is not a topic for conversation.

Don’t talk about how much you miss them either.

Or that you want to get back together.

Or that you are miserable that they are not in your life.


Don’t text them with negativity.

Don’t send them bitter, spiteful, or angry messages.

Send meaningful texts not empty ones.

Sending your ex a text that says something, like ‘Hey’ or ‘What’s up’.

Or a smiley emoji may make you appear to be bored or idle.

And it won’t help you reconnect in any real way.


Stay away from sending your ex too many messages at once.

Give them time and space to respond to your text.

Don’t tell your ex you’re trying to get them back.

Just see it as a person who was and still is important to you

And you still want them in your life to some capacity.

With  no labels to begin with.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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