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Plan to get my ex back forever in 5 steps

How to plan to get my ex back forever ?

The confusion heartbreak and pain can make the time following a break up almost unbearable.

As far as you are concerned though, it’s not over.

You want things to change.

Even now you are thinking of a plan.

A plan to get my ex back forever.


There is so much going through your mind, you have questions and confusion causing chaos.  

So much so that it can be hard to make decisions let alone plans.

But that’s what you want to do.

You want to get a plan to get my ex back forever.

The relationship has ended but you are not willing to let that ship sail off into the sunset.

You have ideas on getting back together.

How do you approach that in light of your current situation.


There are a couple of things that have to be done before you can even think of the plan to get my ex back forever..

You have to really understand the reasons for the break up and make sure they are not an issue in future.


Those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it.


And that is not what you want is it because this is about a plan to get my ex back forever.


When thinking about the reasons it ended consider the Who What Why and When.



This is the only easy question and there are only two options.

Did you break up with them or did they break up with you?

If you broke up with them this makes things a whole lot easier.

I mean in terms of reconciliation.

You could skip on to the plan to get my ex back forever stage.

You still need to think seriously about the reasons.

What were the reasons that the relationship ended?

What made you change your mind?

What is different now that you want them back ?

Why did it end ?

Breakups don’t usually come out of nowhere.

Was poor communication was the main reason you broke up ?

Was it because of fundamental differences in your personality ?

Was it a dishonest cheating mistake on your part or theirs ?

That’s hard to recover from but definitely not impossible.

If it’s yours admit your guilt, regret your actions and it can be overcome in time.

And all recovery routes are going to take time.

And the fact that it will take time to recover you have to understand and have patience.

Take steps to show you have changed and rebuild the trust, and in time eventually rebuild the relationship.

And take steps to show it’s not going to be an issue in the future.

If the partner broke up with you.

Similarly you need those reasons to be assessed.

For some reasons may not be surmountable.

And this is the essential part of the questions you are asking yourself.

Can you get over them to move on in a loving stable relationship.


There are so many other reasons couples break up.

In order to progress and whatever they were they do need to be addressed.

And resolved to some degree that shows that they won’t be repeated in the future.

Some can be resolved and some can’t, you need to find that out for yourself.

Why are you getting back together?

Is it easier than moving on ?

Is it motivated by fear of being alone or truly that you believe it’s the right thing ?


And finally the When?

When is only a matter of time.

Time to grieve. Time get over the pain and hurt caused.

This won’t happen overnight.

It will take some time and patience .

It may take some time possibly more time than you realize.



1 The Plan to get my ex back forever


First of all you will both need time with No contact.

You and your ex need space and time, breathing room away from each other.

This space and time will allow you both to deal with the associated hurt and anger that comes with a break up.

Also it allows you both to focus on what caused the problems that led to the ending of the  relationship.

Both of you can use that time to decide how important your relationship is to either of you.

Whether it is worth it or not for you to look to try again.  

When you give your ex some time with no contact it will cause them to miss you.

Since people tend to appreciate what they had and then lost.

This is a good thing for both of you even though it might not seem so.

It also means you will have to be strong.

Strong enough to resist the urge to break the radio silence of no contact.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


And when I say absence I mean total absence.

For a period of four to six weeks some even suggest up to six months.

The length of time will be up to you.

And how you feel your Plan to get my ex back forever is progressing.   

This means no phone calls, texts, emails, social media contact and no accidental meetings whatsoever.

No drunk dialling no booty calls absolutely no contact from you.

This may seem harsh and counterproductive in the plan to get my ex back forever.

But it’s not really. Everyone agrees on this part.

The sooner you try to get back together the quicker you will spoil your chances.  

You may not be fully over the negative emotions.

There may be still feelings of resentment anger or betrayal between the two of you.

That is not going to lead to reunion.

During this time apart you need to focus.

Focus on the who what whys of the break up.

Really get down to the brass tacks of understanding the causes and reasons.

If you don’t have this one nailed down you might slip into repeating them.


2 Moving on Be the best you can be


The no contact doesn’t mean you have time to kill and act like a sloth.

It means you have things to do big things.

Self esteem, self development and self love are all areas for you to work hard on.

Breakups can do serious damage to self esteem.

The mind replays the things that were said.

Until you can be almost brainwashed into believing them.

Taking them to be facts and nothing can be further from the truth.


Don’t take your ex’s choices or the break up, out on your own self-esteem.


Self development is where you aim to become the best person you can possibly be.

In your core of your being and from another persons perspective.

Keep active in mind and body, take up new things, it could be yoga classes, study or learn a new language.

But generally up your game, develop some new skills spend some time doing exercise.

It will distract you from feeling lonely, sad about the break up and that is the point.

You need to portray a mindset that screams I am loveable I am the most important person in my life.

That the end of a relationship does not mean the end of your life.

Usually by the end of a relationships you feel beaten.

To the point of feeling like you need hospitalisation.

That could not be further from the truth.

Your life has begun anew.


You need to show the world that and eventually your ex, at the right time.


3 Be patient. Be cool and be hot at the same time


This may sound contradictory, but it’s not really.

Be cool is about controlling your emotions in all situations.

Even though they could be running hot.


Like for instance if your plan to get my ex back, gets a knock back.

And you find out your ex is dating.

Be cool, calm and possibly even happy for them, if you can pull off that little act.

It can make you jealous.

It can make you crazy.

It can make you want to hurt the one you love but you can’t and shouldn’t.

This would be showing your ex that they still have power and some amount of control over you.

When you want to portray that you are over them.

Even if you are not. Control your emotions.

Maintain a poker face show no tells.

Even if you have to see your ex with their new partner making a show of their affections.

This is probably for your benefit.

To make you jealous and is probably a sign that they still have feelings for you.

They may not yet be over the anger phase of the break up.

In reality your plans have only taken a set back and will take a little more time.


Be cool. Be hot at the same time.

This continues on from being the best person you can possibly be.

With self esteem, maturity and development as a person.

But this specifically is about looking good, looking hot as much as possible.

New clothes maybe a new haircut.

But nothing too drastic nothing you would later regret.

The results of the time spent exercising.

This makes your ex think about the choices made and their mistakes.

It also makes them think two things at the same time.

You appear better off without them and you are definitely not the mess they had imagined you would be.

It will be a big step in your plan to get my ex back forever.

When everything else has been put in place.

And the issues that led to the break up understood and the period of no contact is up .

That is when are you can start to make moves towards reconciling the relationship.


4 The plan to get my ex back forever in action.


If they haven’t gotten in contact by this stage after the no contact period.

You can get in contact with them.

Now that you are ready and prepared for it.

Here’s your mindset when you reach out you’re happy, strong, fulfilled and content with your life even without being in a relationship.

You know you’re attractive, valued and you have full life.


Text messages are great for building attraction with your ex.

They are short, personal and you can be sure your ex will read your texts.

Now there are tons of things you can do with texts.

The key points of texts to your ex are the same.

Be subtle. Be positive. Be fun.

No mention of relationships not from you anyway.

Of course, you will be moving things forward slowly.

You want to rebuild attraction and a connection with them.

Before you move on to meeting in person.

After you’ve spend enough time texting them and you feel an attraction.

Then you should go ahead and ask them out if they haven’t already asked you.

You want them to go out with you as a friend.


Having expectations leads to disappointment; having no expectations lets things unfold naturally.

So leave out any expectations from the conversations you have and you won’t end up disappointed.

Be prepared for the worst like someone who may still have revenge in mind

Or someone who may not have completely dealt with the post relationship issues like anger.

If this is the case take two steps back in plan terms, reassess.

Give them more time for them to come around. And try again.

The best way to ask your ex out again is NOT to call it a date.

Calling it a date is going to send them running.

Because it reveals that you have an agenda of getting back together with them.

You should be beaming with confidence and attractiveness.

And this works doubly well on your ex than any other person.

Because they were already attracted to you at previous point in time.

And you are not a stranger to them.

You are their friend, but you are also an ex lover.

You should be casual, but you also need a little spark of sexual chemistry.

You should respectful, but don’t be afraid to flirt.

Do go in without expectations about what needs to happen.

Do wait for the conversation to flow naturally to this point, don’t try to force it.

And then over time you can build up an attraction organically while you are with them.


No matter what happens, always remember that it is a choice for both of you .

You are choosing to engage in the situation.

And choosing to do new activities together, things that you both like, will help you to create a new bond.

You’ll discover new things about each other as you go.

This will inevitably help you to get and stay closer.


5 In conclusion

Now that all the hard work is done you can sit back and  relax…

No all the hard work is not over.

You will continuously need to keep working to prove that the changes, developments and ultimately the commitment are real and sustainable.

Because you are always under the threat of a relapse.

If you get complacent you can end up with a relationship ending again and your Plan to get my ex back forever is over.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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