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How to make your ex miss you with these 5 pieces of advice

How to make your ex miss you, cause you miss them?  

You want to be sure they feel the same way you do.

Second thoughts are normal after the end of a relationship.

Your mind is likely a mess of conflicting thoughts.

You want them, you don’t want them back.

You might just want them to realise the mistake that has been made.

But right now you just want them to miss you. So how to make your ex miss you?


When a relationship ends the effect are obvious and traumatic.

It has been compared to and studies have shown it to be like substance dependency.

And the associated withdrawal symptoms.

And it is like that.

The feel good chemicals like dopamine (doesn’t the just sound about right),

serotonin and others that come with the relationship.

The brain has stopped producing them in the same quantities, now that it is over.

This leaves us feeling low, sad, lonely, indecisive and even with a lack of motivation.


Those feelings affect everyone too, pretty much.

Some deal with it better than others.

And some get over it faster than others.

But most of the feelings are there in everyone after the event.


This is no real consolation for you now.

And there is no real consolation except getting on with your life.

You can only do the best you can, in light of the facts.

The relationship is over, you two are no longer a couple.

The reasons it finished may be seen a little clearer.

Now that the moment has passed.

Perhaps they may be seen as slight or insignificant reasons now.

A petty squabble that turned ugly.

Harsh words were said in the heat of the moment and that ended it.


Maybe it was something more serious that resulted in a break up.

It could have been you that initiated the end of the relationship, maybe it was your ex.

Either way and for whatever the reasons were, it is done now.

That doesn’t mean in the future there is no hope.

There is always hope.


And it is what we as  human beings can cling to in the direst of situations.

In order to get us through the crisis and it does.

For you it is not the end of the world.

Just the end of a relationship.

And that may seem like I am belittling the situation.

But that is all it is, no more.

And you should not make it more than it is.

Though it might feel like more right now.

It is not and you have to remember that.

That is what you need to remember in order to move on.

There is still hope.


And you do have to move on regardless.

Whatever the situation throws your way you should take it in your stride.  

You can and will find someone else if you look .

You could have the possibility of a reunion with your ex who knows.

You should be patient either way .

But in the meantime while you are not sure.

You can make the ex think twice and maybe more than twice.

Make them think perhaps even about regretting the breakup.

Maybe that is too much, I don’t think so they may already think that.

How about just making them miss you.

How to make your ex miss you ?

Well here’s five pieces of advice on how to make your ex miss you


1 No Contact is how to make your ex miss you


First off, the answer is always seeded in the question.

How to make your ex miss you ?

They will miss you if you don’t see them.

You don’t contact them or you don’t call them.

Take some time and have absolutely no contact with them whatever.

A good idea is to change their contact name  in your phone to “don’t answer this call. “

Because you will need to remind yourself of this tactic, because you may be tempted.

And it will take determination not to answer.

They could become adamant and persistent.

This will just tell you your objective is working well.


No Social media  chats either


This includes social media contact and emails too.

That doesn’t mean you have to close your accounts and go offline.

That is too drastic, it would send the wrong message.

It is not about you shutting down.

Rather it is about filling that space and time with other things than your ex.

They are no longer the center of your world anymore.

No not by a long shot.

The social media accounts will come in very handy to let your ex see what they are missing.

And have no doubts that even if you block them or unfriend them.

They can and will find a ways to see your feeds.

While you ignore them and continue to post all about your exploits.

It is a blow to the ego.

And that will feed into how to make your ex miss you.


This is a well worn ploy used to get ex’s back.  

But it works just as well to make your ex miss you.

It takes time patience and commitment to achieve the results desired.


Time is the first thing.

They are not going to miss you after an hour or even a day.

Maybe a week would make them think but it is not enough .

If you really want to be sure of the results try twenty one days to a month.

And you are bound to have them missing you.


Think about it.

The relationship is just over and both of you are having seconds thoughts.

It is natural and normal everybody does.

You may feel like you should talk.

Or maybe you think you should meet just to talk .

Well what if you were to deny that option altogether.

What do you think the result would be ?

They are bound to miss you.

They could not help but miss you.

And they are bound to think seriously about the reasons why.


Why you wont meet or even talk to them.

They will know, but maybe haven’t truly realised it is over.

This will show them what it would be like if you weren’t around permanently.

Like you were together as a couple in the relationship.

And that is what you are counting on and it is how to make your ex miss you.

You both were in a relationship now it’s over.

And now you are out of their life.

Add to that absolutely no contact whatever.

That right there, is a way they can not avoid or help, but miss you.


2 Be the best you can be


During this time, when you are out of contact with your ex, it will be put to good use.

This is when you aim to be the best you ever have been.

By this I mean you do the things that make you look your best.

Do the things that make you feel your best and basically be the best you have ever been.


A haircut is a good start.

Nothing too drastic though.

It shouldn’t look like a bad reaction to a toxic shampoo.

Brush up on your appearance give it that little extra attention.

Get some new clothes maybe even an whole new wardrobe.

A general make over in the widest sense.


This can send the message and give the appearance of moving on with your life.

And it will help you to feel better about yourself.

As break ups can wreak havoc on our self esteem this will counter that.


As part of the general makeover hit the gym.

Do some physical exercise tone up.

This will have the extra benefits of countering the feelings of withdrawal I spoke about earlier.

A decent workout can release similar feel good chemicals in the brain to those released in a relationship.

This toning up will have you looking the best and will be useful, how, to make your ex miss you. They will.

When they see how good you are looking.


3 Get a life


This means that you replace the time given over to the relationship with other things.

Things you like to do and more.

Sure get out socialise.

just not in the obvious old haunts you used to on dates.

Or places where the ex may be hanging out.

That is not how to make your ex miss you.

At least not until the no contact period has been fully and completely finished.


Take up new hobbies.

I am not talking about crochet or stamp collecting.

I am talking about something exciting and new.

Something that is totally new to you.

Something that shows the signs of someone who is enjoying and living the life.

Not someone who is suffering the after effects of a harsh and cruel break up.

Though that may still have some presence in your mind.

That is not the idea anyone should get from just from looking at you.

This will have a the extra benefit of taking your mind off the break up.


If that is still on your mind you need more distractions.

And as I said anyone else looking at you should have no idea.

And if some of the ex’s friends were to see you.  

You want them to paint a picture to the ex.  

A picture of someone who doesn’t seem like you are missing them.

So getting a life has definite benefits in  distracting you.

And adds to how to make your ex miss you.


4 Make new friends


As part of getting a life you can add new friends to your social circle.

New friends are always a good thing.

They can have new perspectives, interests and broaden your horizons.

New things is part of what you are all about of late.

And that is always a welcome thing.


This can also broaden your potential dating horizons.

New friends have other friends you haven’t met before.

This may or may not be on your agenda.

But it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the options.

Who knows perhaps your ideal partner could be a friend of a new friend.

The possibility could be there.


Even if you are not ready to date yet it will help to consider it.

This will help in your agenda of how to make your ex miss you.

With you being out and about with new people and friends.

Who it to say what kind of friends they are.

And  from the perspective of an outsider, how are they to tell the difference?

And were it to somehow get back to the ex.

It will surely cross their mind and make them think.


5 Give it time


Patience is key in how to make your ex miss you.

Even though that can be the hardest thing to do.

You need to give it time and take time for yourself.


Time for you to get back to yourself and feel better about yourself.

And then take that a step or a giant leap forward.

On to being better than you were before.

This all takes time and patience to do well.

And that is essential in the plan. It has to be done well.

Well enough for someone who knows you to see an obvious change in you.


A change for the better.

And those who don’t know you will see it too.

But not as a change.

Just a person who knows how to live well and enjoy themselves.


Without even considering anything about dating status.

And if they found that out.

They could be asking themselves how can you be single?

That is what will be feeding on your ex’s brain eating them up.


That won’t happen overnight it will take more than a few days.

Rehabilitation and that is basically what we are talking about.

Takes weeks and that is what it needs.

Taking each day as it comes, doing the best that you can.

And that rehab is how to make your ex miss you.

You do the time it takes to get over them .

And the things for them to see that you are not a mess.

You are thriving.  

Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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