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Here is the Strategy of the Cat to make him come back to you

Cats are elegant, haughty, refined, and have an innate mystical femininity.

That has inspired worship and taboo for thousands of years.

While cat’s place importance on their fellowship with humans.

They have their own world at the same time.

This is the strategy that you can embody to make him come back to you.


Cats have come to symbolize divinity across the world and throughout history.

They have a feminine mystery that represents the positive, creative

and in particular fertile aspects of femininity.

With the word “Pussy” coming to be recognized as a slang term for the female genitalia.


Cats are also well known for their playfulness, curiosity, athletic ability and ferocity as well.

However, cats also symbolize negative aspects.

Such as cunning and the destructive aspects of femininity.

Black cats may be related to fortune and prosperity as well as evil.


To the ancient Celts of Europe cats represented the god who lived underground,

and were related to funeral ceremonies.

In medieval Christianity, cats signified Satan, darkness, sexual desire, and laziness.

Moreover, cats are associated with negative femininity.

Such as shrewdness, betrayal, cruelty, and as witches familiars.

Consequently, cats have been both worshiped as a god and persecuted as a devil.



Some of these aspects and characteristics will be beneficial to you to make him come back to you.

And some wont be much use at all.

The duality of being both divine and demonic is part of the strategy of the cat

and should become part of your feminine wiles to make him come back to you.

Being both the angel and the devil can be very alluring to a man.


Value Independence Properly to make him come back to you


Cats are fiercely independent.

You might think you are their owner.

That is what they want you to think at dinner time.

Little do you know that is what they make the neighbor three doors down think later in the day.

So you can use this kind of attitude to make him come back to you.


In this case, you need to play an important role.

A role of a woman who doesn’t give a damn and is fiercely independent.

It does not matter if you did or did not instigate the break up.

You have to act like it means nothing to you now.

This means acting like you accept the break up.

Even though you have other ideas in mind.


That means you need to pretend that you are always happy even if you are not.

You need to present the appearance of a woman who is independent and happy.

Without necessarily being in a relationship.

Though some arm candy does not hurt in this quest to make him come back to you.


The first thing to do is to cut off all contact 

This is one of the most important things when you want your ex to miss you

and to make him come back to you.


This means having no contact what ever.

No phone conversations no messaging no email no social media contact.

And especially no bumping in to them at their favorite bar cafe or hang out.


The no contact rule is not about your ex, but about you.

So you are the one who has to stop obsessing about him.

Sure it is hard immediately following the break up.

It can feel like you have just lost a limb.

Like your head or maybe your mind in some cases


This time is about giving you both the space to get over the break up.

Time to allow absence to make the heart grow fonder.

Time to miss each other and change those negative thoughts.

To more positive ones like nostalgia.

It allow the warm feelings towards each other to return.


There are so many things that you can focus on.

And in that way,help you to stop thinking about him.


I know that you will miss him and that many men will remind you of him.

But you have to be strong enough to overcome that feeling.

Just know that your current sacrifice is for bigger things that will happen in the future.

And know that this strength will be to your advantage to make him come back to you.

You will not be just sitting by the phone waiting for him to contact you.

In case he wants the two of you to start over.


You will be living the life keeping your mind body and soul busy.

Making it seem like you are on top of the world.

And in reality by the end of the no contact period that is how you should be feeling.


Silent treatment to make him come back to you


It is one thing is to ignore him but it is another thing altogether to cut him off totally.

Like you never actually met him.

Give him the silent treatment if you happen to see him.

Though you should not if you are doing no contact.

So he can realize that you are no longer interested in what he has to say.

He will think that he wasn’t that special to you.

He will ask himself if there is another man in your life

and if you are already over him.


Knowing guys, he will likely end up constantly think about it.

He won’t be able to stop himself.

So while you work on losing your obsession for him.

He will become more obsessed with you.

That will confuse him and he will wonder why you are behaving this way.

In that way, you will give him his space and he will be able to do what he wants.


But you know what?

He will be thinking only about you and by leaving him alone,

you will make him come back to you.

The truth is that he will only realize your worth when he has realized that he has lost you.

And when you show him what he can’t have he will want you more.


In no time, he will probably call you to go out with him,

so you could talk about what happened.

It is the first sign that he wants you to be together again.

And that the strategy is working.


Be Feminine


Do everything in your power during no contact to be the best most feminine version of yourself.

Your man wants to be with a woman who has a higher value and higher status,

and these things don’t come in the form of youth, attractiveness or fame.

They come in the form of your attitude about yourself

and how you present yourself.


If you present yourself as low value that is what everyone will see.

If on the other hand, you walk with your head held high and strut your stuff.

It not only makes you feel better about yourself it but other people will see this too.

Change your clothing style and even your hairstyle.

Sure these are all good ways to improve on your assets.

Your looks are probably what attracted him in the first place.

So work on them.


But you need to change your mindset too.

It is just as important or perhaps more at this point.

It is hard to be positive in a negative time,

but it will work wonders for you to make him come back to you.

As they say fake it til you make it.


Hit the gym to make him come back to you.


There’s no better time or reason to get in shape than when you’re down and out.

One of the many benefits of exercising after a breakup includes,

being too mentally exhausted to play through what went wrong in your head.

And being too proud of kicking ass in the gym to cuddle up with that pint of Ben & Jerry’s!

It will be another weapon in your arsenal when you see him again.

You will look better than he remembered.


Tell yourself every day that you are an amazing woman

and that he will regret dumping you.

Take up old hobbies that you set aside as you started spending more time with your love.

Fill your life with meaningful activities to take the focus off of your pain.


Have fun to make him come back to you


You know what they say:

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!

Just because you ended a love relationship

doesn’t mean that you should shut yourself in your room and cry over your sadness.

Instead, go out and have fun. Life is short and you should enjoy it.

On the other hand, when your ex sees you happy,

he will think about the reason for your happiness.


Create curiosity in his mind peak his interest


You can let him see you all dressed up in social media posts.

Possibly even having fun with someone new.

There does not even have to be some thing going on with you.

Just the suggestion is enough for curiosity to kill the cat.

And to act as a lure.


If he sees that you are doing pretty great on your own,

he will see your value increase and his own will decrease.

If you do happen to meet someone new.

You will not have the time to think about your ex so much.

On the other hand, he will see that you are having fun without him,

and he will start missing you more.

So whatever happens, it is a win-win situation.

Kind of like the cat with two meal tickets.

I know this sounds a little bit cruel.

But just think that you are doing that to make him come back to you.

You are doing all of it because you actually love him and you care about him.

And you need to move on with this game until you see some change in him.


He needs to see the value in dating and having on his arm.

You need to make him feel the achievement of  getting to date you.

Rather than seeing someone who is begging at his feet.

In that way, you will make your ex think more of you and about you.

He might even contact you to ask you about your life.


You understand how your man’s brain works because you’ve been with him before.

Now it’s about time to make use of that knowledge.

To decide which communication method will be the best to use to reconnect with him.

Does he prefer to communicate via email ?

Or does he prefer the telephone or face-to-face conversation?

If you are unsure right now of which communication method will work best.

You can’t go wrong by sending him a simple text.


Remember to keep it light and fun.

Keep it simple something like you saw his team have a great win recently and it reminded you of him.

Or you saw his favorite movie and it reminded you of him.

It could have been an advert for a holiday destination that you visited together.


It is not invasive or in your face.

He can read and answer it at his leisure if he chooses to do so.

If not back off and continue with your life and check back again in a week or two.

You do not want to seem pushy or desperate at this point it would destroy all your hard work.

If you have done all of the work properly he will be happy to meet up with you.

Remember to be calm cool and to maintain some mystery about yourself.


Be interested in what he’s been doing.

Don’t be jealous or critical, no matter what he did.

Be straightforward. Don’t start to drop hints for him to figure out how you feel.

Try to respect him and his decision.

Don’t attempt to convince him that he has made a mistake.

You would just prove that he was the right.


No pity pleas.

If you act like you deserve to be hurt and try to get him to pity you,

you will just appear unattractive.


Apart from that, you could talk about anything.

Fail safe topics are current events,sports, funny things that happened to you.

Or music, movies and TV shows.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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