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Accept the breakup : Why it’s a benefit for you

To accept the breakup isn’t an easy decision to make when you are left on your own. You can be left with negative feelings and self esteem issues. Besides the messy feelings there is an up side to all this. There are out right advantages to be had for you. Accept the breakup and find…
30 septembre 2018
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I still love my ex boyfriend : Why can’t I forget you ?

I still love my ex boyfriend : the end of a relationship can leave behind so many things. Somethings you would rather not be left with at all. It can leave a trail of confusion betrayal anger pain and suffering. A lot of negative feelings. But Love? Why do I still love my ex boyfriend…
28 septembre 2018
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Taking a break in a relationship : why, how, when ?

At one point or another in a relationship, you may begin to question if the other person is really the right man or woman for you.  Everyone has doubts once in a while, this is only natural.  Maybe the relationship is getting more serious than you’re prepared for; perhaps you’re afraid that you’re becoming too…
11 août 2018
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