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Kissing an ex : What does exactly mean ?

It is hard to tell what a kiss means.

Kissing an ex can mean so much.

It can mean different things to the two people.

It can depend on a lot of things.

And even if you get to know all the factors.

You still might not really know what kissing an ex means.

It’s an enigma a teaser a mystery and a joy wrapped in a riddle.


In getting a better picture of what kissing your ex means.

Think about in terms like who what where when and how.


The Who part is already established this is a simple as it gets in this question.

It was someone who you dated.

It could have been ancient history as in when the relationship that ended.

So many moons ago that you may have evolved since then.

Or it could be a recently ended romance.

That has not even had the chance for the dust to settle.

Regardless of the length of time involved since it ended.

It has curious and anomalous overtones.

Ones that are hard to pin down.

Kissing an ex can bring up a mixed bag of emotions.

That can defy logic and rational thought.

Unlike the mathematician with a constipation problem.

It can not be worked out with a pencil…


Kissing an ex, who are they ?

I mean it is not your Greek aunt.

Who has a better mustache than most men.

Well maybe not Tom Selleck.

Or your uncle who is so blind.

That he can not tell if it is your ass or your elbow that he is kissing.

Or who he is kissing for that matter.


It is your ex a whole different ball game at least for you it is.

But it can also refer to who your ex is.

Or rather what are they like in terms of personality wise ?

Is she or he a good hugger.


Or someone who remains at arms length until the cover of darkness.

And then they are like a savage beast?

Who might make you wonder if they are seriously really into trying cannibalism.

Or a New York millennial who might think sex is a lot less intimate than a kiss.


So this can indicate the type of person your ex is.

With regards to their attitude to kissing.

Are they overly affectionate ?

Like that they would greet the dog with a lip smacker ?

Or restrained uptight Anglo Saxon with a stiff upper lip.

Who does not kiss their spouse.

All these considerations will feed into the picture of the motivations and background for the act.




The what part of the Kissing an ex.

I suppose that would refer to What the circumstances were.

It could be prompted by birthday celebrations.

Like at a twenty first where tradition dictates in some countries.

That the birthday boy or girl gets to kiss twenty one boys or girls depending.

Depending on personal choice and circumstances.


It could be other celebrations like a wedding.

Where tradition also dictates in some western countries.

That guys kiss the bride off the dating scene.

Well that could be the excuse for it.


Other celebrations like new year is a particularly loaded one.

Where you are supposed to be seeing in the new year with the one you love.

Looking forward to loving and happy new year together.


Kissing an ex at loaded celebrations

Then again there specifically loaded celebrations.

That you would not spend with your ex unless there was an agenda on the horizon.

Like valentines day.

And if you do not know what kissing an ex on valentine’s day means.

Well I do not think I should spell it out for you.

Get your mommy or your daddy to explain it to you.

Along with the facts of life.


The when of kissing an ex

The When can refer to timing and also to the specific time of the kissing an ex takes place.

The end of the night kiss can have very different connotations to the beginning of the night.

The end of the night at a bar can mean very different things.

From the reference section in the library at the start of a study session.

Well maybe not they could have the same connotations.

Just the end of the night at a bar has a lot more fuel for example firewater alcohol.

Or beer connected to it.

The library is not the place for drinking rather quiet contemplation and study.

Though the subject of that study is open to debate.


The where of kissing an ex

The Where could be obvious but it is not really.

Sure a kiss means using the lips.

But where ?

Lips locked to lips means a whole lot more.

Than on the cheeks of your face.

And a hole lot more than on the cheeks elsewhere.


Kissing on the neck and ears can be a very hot kind of kiss.

That only one person has to get involved in.

It can be a one sided kiss but it is very hard to not be affected by it.


Where a kiss on the forehead can be paternal or patronizing.

If it comes from someone who might lead you on to think it was going to land elsewhere.

But instead it went to the most non erogenous zone on your head.


There are other factors to be considered in the Where kissing an ex goes on.

Not just the obvious ones of where the kiss is placed.

But also the place the kiss takes place.

Like is it your place or theirs, in the back of a taxi.

On a train or a bus or a plane.

There are a few places that are less ambiguous than a plane or the toilet on a plane.

Or a toilet anywhere for that matter.

So I won’t  go there.

Or with any further explanation it would be pointless.


The how of kissing an ex

The How of kissing an ex is a lot more obvious.

At least in terms of how it felt.

I am not talking about the texture.

Or the softness of their lips.

The fullness and the roundness of their lips.

Or whether or not their mouth was open or closed.


Whether they were sporting about it.

And indulged in a fraught game of tonsil hockey with you.

One where you lost badly to your opponent.


And whether the use of the tongue was tasty and tasteful.

Or like a ravaging alien invader that threatened to choke the life out of you.

Or how moist it was ….

I think you should get the picture of where that would lead in terms of action.

Too much …

It is moist definitely oops Freudian lips moving swiftly on…  


Though that would be factored in with the overall rating scheme of things.

When it comes to dissecting the knitty gritty of it.

What I am really talking about is the passion or lack thereof in kissing an ex.

I mean some guys could nurse a beer sweeter and more passionately.

Than they would in kissing an ex.

But that could depend on the ex and the guy doing the kissing.

And even the type of beer he is nursing.


Then there are other considerations to be taken in to account.

That would have to be factored in to give a complete picture.

How much contact is made.

I mean it could be as light as a feather.

With the lips barely making contact.

And gone withdrawing within milliseconds.

Or it could be like that you feel that your wisdom teeth are in danger of being swallowed by the ex.

You could be wiping your noses on each other.

And not really care about losing that loose crown to them.

Perhaps your gold fillings are in danger is your ex a gold digger?

But seriously the amount of contact that is made apart from the lips.

Will give you an indication of the passion behind the kiss and the ardor of the kisser.


If it is a case of you are thinking is there another person getting involved here?

And where did all those hands come from ?

Am I making out with an octopus ?

You have got to get the idea that there is something going on.


Perhaps they are trying their best or worst pick pocket moves on you.

And they are struggling to find your wallet or money purse.

Or they were checking the level of dampness in your jeans.


How much body contact is being made while Kissing an ex.

Will also tell you a lot about how committed they are to the kiss.

If there is not enough room to slide a hair or even a credit card between you.

Then you can rightly guess they are really in to it.


If however they crane their neck making them look some what like a giraffe.

You might get no body impression what ever .

This can indicate a lack of passion or reluctance in making that much contact at all.

And perhaps it is out of a sense of social commitment or etiquette.

That could be prompting the kissing an ex.

Perhaps they feel obliged to but are not feeling the love or attraction to it themselves.


How are you feeling about kissing an ex ?

If you are still thinking about it and you are thinking about it right now.

I would hazard a guess and say it had some effect and meant something to you.

If you are trying to convince yourself it meant little or nothing.

That is the opposite of not caring about it.

If there is someone you absolutely can not tell about this kiss.

It may have very deep meaning for possibly more than just the two people involved in kissing .

If you have not talked about it with the person.

Since it happened but there is a strange, new electricity between you now.

It has changed something.

If you feel unable to be near them without your body humming and feeling oh my.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

If you want to kiss them again just to make sure you felt nothing it is probably nothing.

Nothing but lies, liar liar pants on fire!

If you can not stop thinking about their lips on yours and what flavor of lip balm were they using?

Is that all you are thinking about really.

If you saw sparks when they touched you.

Or you heard bells ringing it could be concussion seek expert medical help.

Yeah the kiss of life that is the ticket and you know just the person to give it to you…

If your nether regions tingled.

If you wanted to throw them against the wall and grind them into a mushy pulp.

If you have said the words “it mean nothing” to yourself so many times.

It almost doesn’t sound like English anymore and you entered nirvana yeah I believe you.

If you had thought about kissing them or had a dream about kissing them.

Long before it actually happened.

If you were pretending to be drunker than you actually were.

You know what I mean and you know what it meant.

If you fantasize about a situation where it would be more appropriate for you to have kissed them.

Then yeah that is just a fantasy nothing more nothing less.

If you are afraid you can not trust yourself to be around them without being on your guard.

More kisses could happen and obviously that just can not be.

If your fingers threaded through their hair and on their neck when you were kissing.

And they had really soft hair and you wondered what shampoo they used.

You may have been distracted just a little bit.

If you think of it as “The Kiss” with capital letters and you know exactly what I am talking about.

And now you are turned on, I think you might try another one if you get the chance.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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