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I kissed my ex : What can I think about this

I kissed my ex : What can I think about this ?

There a few ways you can take it or this could go.

I kissed my ex and that’s all there is to it or

I kissed my ex and maybe we want to try to get back together.

Or I kissed my ex it is just a preamble to a booty call.


In that moment you were thinking, “I kissed my ex,” your mind is rushed and flooded with questions.

Contrary to what one might think, this is not as simple a situation as it seems to be.

You may not even know exactly how complicated things have gotten since you two broke up.

I mean how long has it been days months or even years ?

A lot could have changed a lot you don’t yet know about.

You might want to rush things up to the speed of the thoughts running through your head.

But then again you also don’t want to push the process of getting back together too quickly

So you don’t quite know how to proceed or if you are going to look to get back together.

Or even what to think and there is a lot to think about..


It is important to properly handle this post-breakup situation so that you don’t make any mistakes.  

You are going to have to get a better picture of what all this means.

And whether or not your attempt at getting back together can come to succeed in the end.

No matter who initiated it, the point is that you both allowed it to happen.

The fact that you and your ex kissed means that there could be still lingering feelings between the two of you.

But that can be taken as a given.

You dated didn’t you, then you must have felt something for each other at some stage.

It’s not necessarily love, but it does prove that you two are still attracted to each other.

And then again you have broken up, is it just another confusing episode in the separation saga.


When two people who break up get together in any form whether it  be for a date, a kiss or even sex.

It rekindles something between the two of you.

Something more complicated than when you first started dating.

It’s not necessarily something good though initially it may feel great.

More often than not, reconciling with an ex can lead to consequences.


I kissed my ex for all the wrong reasons

1. They’re just in it for the booty call not the long haul.

You are familiar and easily accessible because your ex may think your shared history makes it not strange for them to try something on with you.

It doesn’t mean that they want to revamp old memories, feelings or relationships for that matter .

They just didn’t want to invest all the time and effort in looking for someone new.


2. Old issues will still be there waiting.

You and your ex broke up for a reason good or bad the result of the last effort was that it ended.

It usually doesn’t take long for reunited couples to remember why they split up in the first place.

If those reasons have never been resolved, kissing your ex will make these issues bubble up to the surface again.


3. They might want to get back together even if you don’t.

In many cases, it can trigger the basest of feelings like lust.

Kissing is an intimate act that can also  trigger feelings of love and affection.

If you have no intention of getting back together,

kissing might give your ex the wrong idea.

I kissed my ex goodbye and they kissed me and thought ooh hello again…


4. You could fall for your ex again.

If you made a conscientious effort to move on only to have it ruined by this sudden tryst.

You could be in for big trouble.

If you haven’t moved on and past your feelings for your ex.

Kissing them could reignite those feelings and render your efforts for closure fruitless.

Putting you back to square one.


5. They might already be in a relationship.

If you kissed your ex knowing that they’re seeing someone else.

You have just crossed into dangerous territory.

Not only did you put yourself in a situation where you’ll end up as the third party.

But you have voluntarily acted in a way that could hurt someone else.


6. You might be in a relationship.

Kissing your ex may seem like a small innocent little mistake.

But the person you’re dating probably won’t see it that way at all.

No matter how much history there is between both you and your ex.

Cheating is always inexcusable.


7. The Unknown.

Kissing your ex can mean so many different  things.

But not knowing what these are will disrupt your peaceful life in the process.

You will end up thinking too much about it, spending too much time obsessing over things.

And this will lead inadvertently to  causing you unnecessary stress and strain in your life.

It could be a good sign, but it could also be a bad sign.

In the end, you’ll need to confront your ex about it.

Which is something I doubt you’d be as excited about.


I kissed my ex and it is all good…

It can of course feel fantastic when you kiss the man or woman that you want to be with again.

If that is what you truly feel in your heart that you want to do.

I kissed my ex but be realistic about it.

That doesn’t mean that you should be thinking, “ Great, now we’re a couple again.”

It’s not a even promise of a relationship in the future either.

I mean is your ex even on the same page as you ?

They might not have even given it a second thought.

And you could be making plans for how to spend the weekend.


I kissed my ex : don’t be misled

It’s important that you avoid making huge mistakes through simple misunderstandings.

And I kissed my ex should not lead you to declarations of your love for that person.

It may be too early to be saying those kind of things even if you really feel them.

Because not only will the breakup have left it’s mark but that doesn’t get erased by one kiss.

Also you could be in for a big shock when it comes  to your ex’s thoughts on the matter..


I kissed my ex : now it’s time to talk

You have to talk openly and honestly about the kiss, its meaning and the breakup.

And if you can get over that hurdle and move on together.

If that is what you both really want.

The talk should offer solutions to the issues that brought about the previous break up.

So that you can move on in a manner that won’t be carrying baggage from the past relationship.

That will eventually trip you both up if you ignore them.

A kiss is a good sign that your ex is still susceptible to your charm.

But you still have to come to an agreement on the issues so that you can get close to them in the best way possible.


If you’re saying I kissed my ex and you should be taking advantage of this moment to get closer.

There are a few more careful steps that you have to take, that are important to not neglect.

The devil is in the details and if you ignore them they will drag you thru hell and back again.


I kissed my ex : it was a big mistake

I’ve known couples who have waved goodbye and that was it.

And I’ve known others who kissed and went their separate ways.

Then there are some who think breaking up is hard let’s have break up sex.


However it goes, there is a huge variety of way that couples consider it OK to say it is over.

Whatever means you use in the end, some can mistake what it means.

Some get it wrong and take it the wrong way.

Maybe you fell into that category and I kissed my ex  turned into a gigantic mistake.

No sooner than they were out of sight they were texting about you their feelings.

Gushing like a tsunami overwhelming you.

And you thought oh no it was just a kiss.

A little over familiarity and force of habit made for one hell of a mistake.


It is time to bite the bullet, the longer you leave this the worse it will get.

Perhaps you should call them and explain as soon as possible.

You must explain about what happened, do it once and never again.

Deal with what you need to, but don’t linger on the subject.

Consider this your last conversation with your ex and as the closure that you need.

Because asking them to meet to talk may further compound the mistaken intentions.

A text would be considered more cruel and heartless than necessary.

And they would probably curse you from a height and probably forever.


Make the call and keep it short

Explain it wasn’t meant to be taken so seriously and that it was unintentional.

And it was a mistake and that you are sorry for the misunderstanding that it has caused.

Be gentle with your rejection and make them see why it’s the better option for them.

They were obviously harboring old feelings for you.

Which can make it more difficult to reject them.

Knowing that they want to have you back in their life.

You can sympathize with them, then wish them well in their future and leave it at that.


I kissed my ex : damage limitation steps

In all likelihood you may have to take other damage limitation steps.

Consider blocking or unfriending them on social media sites.

Avoid the places they may hang out at for a while.

Perhaps you should avoid hanging out in your favorite spots if the situation calls for it.

Avoid any events that your know ex will attend.

That’s what your friends can do give you early warning signals of proximity alerts.

They can tell you if your ex is in the area.

If that’s true, you need to leave if they don’t.

This is just a temporary thing giving them the space to avoid conflict and messy confrontations.

You can start attending parties with your ex once you’re sure that you won’t end up kissing them ever again.


I kissed my ex : now for someone else

Another way to put some distance between you is to date someone else.

I kissed my ex OK but don’t allow that to stop you from seeing other people.

You’re not on the rebound because you and your ex are no longer in a relationship anymore.

You’re free to see other people.

And it will help convince you that the kiss you shared with your ex is nothing more than a parting mistake.


I kissed my ex : problems it caused for Others

If the situation was further complicated by other significant others like your partner or theirs.

Deal with your partner on your own and try not to involve your ex.

If their partner confronts you, try to explain it was a mistake and apologize.

Perhaps you were unaware of the ex’s dating situation.

Don’t think it will excuse you in the eyes of their current partner it may only make them feel worse.


If you can try to avoid personal contact at all costs.

You may seem to be rubbing salt into the wound.

And it will only cause to remind them of the mistake and the pain it will have caused

You can leave a message if you want to try calm the situation from a distance.

But that will hardly count as a deterrent to the rage you induced.

Cheating is wrong.

Which means you need to face the consequences and deal with the aftermath of you actions.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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