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How to make your ex chase you after a breakup ?

How to make your ex chase you is not the first question, but Why is. 

Why do you want to know how to make your ex chase you after a breakup ?

Is it like a revenge thing or do you just want what you cant or don’t have right now ?

If you get your ex to start chasing you does that mean you will eventually get them back?

No it doesn’t.


The next thing is do you really want them back or are you just stringing them along.

If you are just looking for kicks join a judo class.


The chase is sometimes the best time in any relationship.

For many reasons, we generally see only the best side of our partners.

And the thrill of the chase and the feeling of walking on air with butterflies in your stomach.

It is a beautiful and golden time in any relationship.


Then the relationship is cemented.

Or bonded by terms and conditions maybe not in so few words and then we settle.

We settle into the adventure of a relationship of discovery.

Discovery of the things that were not shown during the wooing phase.

Settling into consideration, companionship and compromising positions.

That can end up with familiarity breeding contempt and conceit.


Is that how it was before the breakup ?

If that is what you are looking at again in this case.

Then you might be better to look for someone else.

The feelings will be brand new and you could be a better match.

I mean you did breakup with your ex or is that all forgotten about ?


Trying to regain that romanticized ideal time is building up hopes and expectations.

That could lead to more of the same again and a breakup.

Well if you are sure you really want to…

And you have survived the trial by fire that usually puts people off second attempts.

Here is how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.


No contact time

This may seem counter productive in how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.

But believe me it is more used than any other advice in these types of situations.

No contact is where you cut off all contact for a period of time.

No calling no texting no accidental meeting them by accident you get my meaning.

It also means no email or social media contact nothing for the agreed term.

Usually around four weeks, but could be up to four months.

Depending on how the breakup went and who did the breaking up.


And that is something you will have to consider.

If you did the breaking up it could be easier and a shorter time for no contact.

If on the other hand they broke up with you, it is a slightly more difficult position.

If they did and their reasons are serious enough it will mean extra work.

The extra work you have to do in that respect is to counter those reasons.

Make it so the reasons you two broke up are clearly no longer issues.


If it was issues of trust you have to show that you can be trusted and that’s not easy but not impossible.

If it was issues with communication that can be a little easier to counteract.

Showing an ability to listen and having the tools necessary to engage in quality communications will get you over that hurdle .

However it will take time and effort to show you have changed for the better and for good .

This will make the issues of the past, a thing of the past.

And that is what you need to do.

And only you will know the reasons and work that has to be done.


That makes the no contact period essential it gives you time to work on you.

No contact makes you seem out of reach to your ex

It will make the problematic issues of the past give way to nostalgia.

Nostalgia for the good times and thinking  the good things about the relationship.


Time and Distance is how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.

This time and distance will exaggerate your absence.

A void of space and time that you used to fill.

This will make your ex miss you.

Distance can refer to a mental attitude.

In distancing yourself from your ex having no contact.

This type of coolness towards them can make turn up the heat.



How to make your ex chase you after a breakup : give them a challenge

This is about not being easy.

It is about making your ex up their game in a way that challenges them .

It is about making your ex value the achievement of getting to see and date you.

This is harder for people who have dated previously.

Because of the “been there done that” kind of thinking.

Remember familiarity and contempt.


You have to create an aspect of higher value for dating you.

I mean think of it this way.

If you fall at their feet adoring the ground they walk on they may just walk all over you .

On the other hand or foot, if you take the attitude that they are not good enough to clean your boots.

Then you create the idea that you have higher expectations.


They would be lucky to get to date you.

And you have been setting the scene to show it ain’t going to be easy.

In the no contact term, it seemed like you were totally out of reach gone.

It challenges the ex to get you if they can.

Creating a higher value for you and gives them the opportunity to value getting to date you.

If you have dated before the ex can be complacent in doing the same chasing thing again.


It also feeds into the no contact time.

The fact that you two have history, so why are you not in contact with them?

It is about creating questions in their mind that they can’t answer right now.

But the ex will try and most likely get it wrong.

It is how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.


It is about taking the power back from your ex.

Or rather taking control in the power struggles that are generally called relationships.

It is about realizing your worth and controlling it.

Using it in how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.  

This power struggle is where both partners are engaged in trying to gain the upper hand in the relationship.


How to make your ex chase you after a breakup : Jealousy possibly

Both sexes have used jealousy to various degrees to get what they want.

Or perhaps to rub someone’s nose in it.

And in how to make your ex chase you after a breakup it is no different.

Though I will say at this point it can sometimes backfire and get the completely wrong reaction.

I will suggest it should be used with a delicate touch.

And that is what I am proposing a light touch to add impetus to your relationship situation.

It can be very effective in how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.


You don’t have to be flaunting sexual aggressiveness to have it work for you.

Nothing too explicit or graphic just the ever so slight suggestions.

It can be as light as slightly flirting with a stranger in view of you ex.

A few social network posting wont hurt either if he doesn’t happen to be there.


Leave the rest up to the imagination of the mind of the ex.

If the postings are with the same strangers.

It can be helpful to give the impression of moving on with.

It doesn’t have to be strangers.

They could be friends of friends just not someone the ex knows and can ask.


How to make your ex chase you after a breakup : Be the best you can be

Along with jealousy you can make an extra effort to look good at every given occasion.

Especially if you are going to post pictures on social media and you should.

This also gives the ex the impression that there are other reasons.

Or people for whom you are dressing well and trying to impress.

It can back up the social network photo post suggestions in the mind of the ex.

Suggestions of the new people in your life.


It will also make the ex second guess the decision to break up.

Looking well in the eyes of an ex can be a very potent draw in how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.

It also has the added bonus of making you feel great and post breaking up anything that improves the self esteem it is to be welcomed.

If they Contact You, Be Calm and Casual

This should go without saying but I will anyway.

You should be cool calm and casual if the ex decides to call or even if you see them in person.

You can’t go giving the game away so soon or let them know you are keen in any way.

You should keep that under wraps for a while.

You also should not appear too interested in their dating life or status it is a no go subject for you to bring up.

They can if they want bring it up but you shouldn’t appear too bothered either way and whatever they say.

Even if they drop one on you like oh yeah I’m in a serious relationship now…


Don’t react and stay calm and collected, don’t go there.

You should leave conversations at a high point not at a lull.

Like if the phone call is going well and the conversation is flowing cut it short with any excuse.

In doing this it leaves the ex wanting to finish the conversation properly and completely.

Like the creation of some unfinished business or the cliffhanger at the end of some television series.

This method can be used in meetings in person too.

And will have the same effect, acting as a lure to reel them in.

And how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.


Keep some distance and mystery

Along with the cool attitude you should maintain some aura of mystery.

By this I mean you can be busy, but add to that in a way that makes you look like you are run off your feet.

But don’t explain or make excuses for this.

It keeps some distance between you and your ex.

Who has been used to having and may also still expect explanations.

Explanations for every little thing like who is calling you now, who were you talking to then and so on.

This send clear signals that though they may have been privy to that information in a previous life together.

They are no longer .  

And it should not be expected.

It can send the ex’s mind into overdrive thinking of the reasons and possibilities.

Why you don’t let them in or what you are up to really.


Live the life

The appearance of being busy is useful to make an ex think.

And a busy social life can send them over the edge.

It can look like the breakup did nothing for you but give you a new lease of life.

And can give the impression that you are having the time of your life.

That is exactly the message you want to send the ex.

You have never had it so good, new friends, seeing new places.

Doing new and exciting things.

Where do you get the time to fit it all in ?

Is the question that should be on the ex’s lips.


How to make your ex chase you after a breakup : Teasing

Teasing is a way to coax the ex it can be a combination of flirting part slagging off and sexy body language.

You could playfully tease the ex about their hair color or cut.

It could be a gentle soft touch of the hands.

Teasing can be a fun way to give the ex hope or signals that you could be interested in them.

But they may not be sure.

That’s thing that can feed in to how to make your ex chase you after a breakup.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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