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How to make my ex miss me to get him back

how to make my ex miss meWhen a relationship ends we often find ourselves missing the other person with all our hearts.  We’ve called this person our other half for a long time and now that they’re gone it really does feel like half of our heart has been torn out.  This feeling will often make you change your mind about a breakup.  It will make you want to get your ex back, and the key to getting him back is to make him miss you as much as you’re missing him.  How to make my ex miss me to get him back ?Follow this article to find out what you should do.

How to make my ex miss me ? While it is possible, no matter what your circumstances, there are a few important factors which can determine the ease with which you may do this.

How long did the relationship last?

The longer the relationship lasted, the better.  If you and your ex were only together for a few weeks or a couple of months, then you probably weren’t so close that you spent every waking minute together, and therefore he is used to spending a lot of time without you and it may be a little harder to make him miss you.  If you were together for months or years, lived together or spent a lot of time together, your ex will notice your absence almost immediately, and therefore making him miss you will be quite a simple task; it’s likely that he’s already missing you anyway.

Who ended the relationship?

While it may not affect the outcome, the way in which the relationship came to an end can make encouraging your ex to miss you and getting him back easier or more difficult.  If you ended it, then it will be easier, especially if he didn’t want it to end in the first place.  He’s probably already missing you, and the fact that you broke up with him makes him want you all the more; people always want what they can’t have after all.  If he broke up with you, it may be a little more difficult to make him miss you.  He ended it for a reason and he won’t forget that reason in a hurry.  Moreover if he broke up with you, you don’t just have to worry about making him miss you, you also have to find a way to change his mind about the breakup.

How to make my ex miss me with silence ?

If you want to make him miss you, the first thing that you have to do is initiate a period of radio silence.  Don’t contact him at all during this time, no matter how much you miss him or how difficult it becomes to maintain your silence.

Don’t return his calls or texts

Stop calling him, stop texting him, stop emailing him and stop messaging him.  No unexpected home visits either.  Cut off all contact and when he tries to call or text you, don’t answer.  This radio silence has to mean complete silence, zero contact, no matter how much you want to speak to one another. Besides, if you don’t return his calls or texts, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you and what you’re doing.

Give him time to miss you

While you’re missing your ex and it feels like your heart is breaking all over again when you reject his calls, your silence has a strong purpose.  You have to give your ex time to miss you, and you can only do this by taking some time and distance away from him to give him time to remark on your absence, to feel alone and to make him realise that he wants you back.  Your ex is never going to miss you if the two of you speak on the phone every night, text constantly during the day and meet up every weekend.  If you want him to miss you, you have to give him a chance to do so.  You have to cut yourself out of his life and show him what his life is like without you.

Go away for a few days

recover from a breakupIf you’re really struggling with staying away from your ex and leaving his texts and calls unanswered, or if he keeps popping around to your house unexpectedly and you can’t seem to escape him, you may consider taking some time out and going away somewhere for a little while.  You don’t have to blow a lot of money on a five-star holiday if you don’t want to, you could simply go to a nearby city for a few days spa break, or if your parents live in another town go and visit them for a couple days.  Take these few days to put a little distance between yourself and your ex and catch your breath.  You’ll feel much more ready to get back into the no contact period when you get back.


The other purpose of taking some time away from your ex is that it gives you both a chance to recover from the breakup.  It allows you to reduce the significance of the fight in your mind and to forget your anger and hurt over the breakup.  Once the anger and hurt is gone, there is only room for you to miss your ex and for him to miss you.  It’s important to take your time to recover from the breakup and to allow yourselves to miss one another before you attempt to get back together; this no contact period will allow both you and your ex to recover from the breakup and miss each other.

How to make my ex miss me by shifting my focus ?

When you were in a relationship, all your focus was on your ex, on making him happy and spending time with him.  Now that it’s over, you can’t do that.  If you focus all your energy on your ex now, he’s going to think you’re sad and pathetic and stalking him, which is not productive to making him miss you or getting him back, so you have to concentrate your energy elsewhere.

Focusing on myself to know exactly how to make my ex miss me

Take all the time and energy you focused on your ex and focus it on you.  Focus on looking after yourself and doing things that make you happy.  You are your number one priority now.  If you want to make your ex miss you, you can’t spend all your time and energy pining after him, you have to show him that you’re doing fine, looking after yourself and moving on.  Focus on your hobbies or your health.  Take up running, or yoga, or kick-boxing… anything you want to and which will help you de-stress and keep your mind off your ex.  Consider taking up a new sport or hobby to give yourself a thirst for life.  Throw yourself into the things that you like to do and put all your energy into being happy with yourself and your own life, and when your ex sees how well you’re doing and your newfound vitality, he’s sure to miss you and want you back.

Consider catching his attention by changing up your look.  Invest in some new makeup, try out a new hairstyle or colour, and treat yourself to some new clothes which suit you, fit you well and highlight your best features.  Changing up your look will make your ex miss you by rekindling his attraction to you.  If he sees you around town looking great with your new clothes and fresh haircut, he’s going to think you look great, realise how well you’re doing without him and he’s going to miss you, especially if you succeed at looking very sexy and he can’t help but notice that other men are noticing you too…  Inspiring a little jealousy never did anyone any harm; it’s only going to make him want you more.

Make new friends

Take some of the energy you focused on your ex and shift it onto your friends instead.  Make an effort to meet new people, try new things and make new friends; you may manage to do this through your newfound hobbies.  There are so many interesting people in the world so change things up a little and spend time with some new people rather than just your same old crowd.  Besides, all your other friends are couples friends anyway, and at the minute you are free and single and need to spend time with some like-minded people.  Enjoy spending time and trying new exciting things with your new friends to take your mind off your ex, and if he sees you or sees photos of you having fun with these people that he’s never met, he’s going to be very curious and miss you all the more.

How to make my ex miss me thanks to my social life ?

There are a number of different ways to make your ex miss you, but most of them can be related to showing your ex that you’re doing well without him. But why would my happiness  help to find out how to make my ex miss me ? Well, giving him the impression that you’re happy and vibrant will make him miss you much more than following him around and begging him to come back.

Use social media

You can use your social media accounts to let your ex see how great your life is, how good you’re looking with your new clothes and hairstyle, how you’re making the most of life by trying new things and that you’ve made a whole bunch of new friends since you broke up. But how can social media help me to know how to make my ex miss me, if he hardly looks at it ?  Trust me, he does not even need to look, he will see the change. Change your profile picture on your accounts to a very attractive photo of you, smiling and happy on a night out with friends.  Post other photos too to let your ex see all the great and fun things you’re doing and that you’re happily spending time with all these other people.  Seeing you and not being able to be with you while you’re doing these things will make your ex miss you fiercely.

Use your mutual friends

Our mutual friends can unconsciously help me to see how to make my ex miss me. Indeed, don’t forget about the old friends you have in common with your ex while you’re spending time with your new ones.  You can still see them and do things with them; that isn’t forbidden, and you can use them to send messages to your ex; you’re probably already doing this without even noticing.  Tell your friends about all the great new things you’re doing: your new hobbies, your new experiences, your new friends, your makeover… and show them pictures.  You’re probably so excited about these things that you’re already talking to your friends about them anyway.  If these friends are also friends with your ex, then you can be guaranteed that the next time they see your ex they’re going to relate to them everything you’ve said, talk about all the exciting, productive things you’ve been doing, how good you look and how happy you seem, and this is going to make your ex miss you.

Date someone else

make my ex miss meIf you want to make your ex miss you, you have to inspire a little jealousy. But how to make my ex miss me to get him or her back, if he or she thinks I’m over already ? Make him realise how lucky he was to have you and how in-demand you are.  Show up to a mutual friend’s party with a new date on your arm, someone he’s never met before.  This date can just be one of your new friends, the relationship can be completely platonic or it can be romantic, the idea is that your ex won’t know which.  Don’t kiss your date or touch him in any way that would make you seem like a couple.  Touch his arm, smile at him, whisper things in his ear… things that you might do with a friend or a lover.  Even if you’re not interested in this person romantically, your ex seeing you with someone else like this will make his mind wander and drive him crazy.  His envy will make him miss you.

Play it cool

The final piece of advice I’m going to give you to make your ex miss you to get him back is to play it cool.  Be a little unavailable to him.  People always want what they can’t have, so if you pursue your ex endlessly you’ll send him running, but if you seem completely unaffected by him, you turn away from him and focus on other people and other things, it’s going to make him come running after you.  Moreover it’s only when your ex sees you happy and smiling without him that he’ll want you back.

Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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