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How to make him want you back with 9 tips

How to make him want you back with 9 tips ? 

Here is the question of the day.

First off

I have to say. No one can guarantee that you will 100% get your ex boyfriend back. 

You can however go about making him want you back.

There is no hard and fast sure fire way to getting him back per se.

The best way you can approach this situation is to make him want you back.

But how to make him want you back ?

If he were to come back the choice would have to be his own idea.

And that’s what you want him to think.

You don’t want to chase, beg or try force your boyfriend to come back.

Because those methods just won’t work in the long run.

I can instead, in this article, tell you how to make him want you back with nine tips.


Let me ask you and you have to ask yourself.

If you two broke up , what has changed now?

What is different now that makes you want to get back together?

Was there trust issues at the break up ? Do you need to prove you’re a more trustworthy person?

Was the break up about self esteem issues where you needy and clingy.

Those issues and others to do with your behavior can be dealt with and worked on to get to  the point where you can approach the relationship again.

Approach it with a developed sense of self growth with respect to those issues that affected and prompted the separation.

If however the issues were more on his part in the finishing of the partnership.

Those may still be at issue and are not within your power to change.

Once again you have to ask yourself some deep and pertinent questions.

About having a greater chance at success in making him want you back.

Or will it have a more than likely chance of going the way it did in the previous incarnation with high probability of failure.

You have also to ask yourself are the reasons you separated surmountable.

I mean can you both get over them and move on to creating a stable loving relationship.

Or will it be racked by past history and its indiscretions throughout its lifespan.  

Because in reality this could make the partnership too weak to survive and eventually not worth the effort.

If you can satisfy yourself that the reasons for the why you broke up can honestly be gotten over.

You can move on to the how.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to refocus your energy on aspects of your life that will move you in the direction that you want to go.

Now it’s time to work on the How to make him want you back..

1 .How to make him want you back with Reverse Psychology

Avoid him for sometime.

Start with the no contact rule, stop calling or texting him.

By calling and texting him this only spoils your situation.

How to make him want you back by ignoring him ? Does it really work ? 

It makes you look easy, weak or clingy in his eyes and this devalues you as a person.

Avoiding him will push him to think about you more and more.

At the same time he will wonder why you are not calling, are you done with him ?

Have you moved on are you dating someone else ?

The no contact rule recreates the allure of an independent woman of you and instills curiosity in him about your circumstances.

Whilst delivering a blow to his ego.

Whereby he gets the feeling that his worth to you is not what it was or what he thought it was.

2 . Get on with your life

Or at least Act like you are moving on with your life confidently, happily and successfully.

This will make him think you are not really bothered by the break up and don’t feel the relationship was of much value.

This will also damage his self worth while increasing yours.

But at the time when you break up the situation was so tense that you feel you just can’t get over the guy.

Showing him this just isn’t the case shakes the foundations of what he thinks he knows about you and the relationship.

Add to this the appearance of an outgoing functional happy go lucky exterior.

Showing you to be strong and happy without him even though internally you might not be any of those things.

It’s mandatory, you have to convey that you are important and you love yourself.

It goes to proves the point if you cannot love yourself first, you just cannot love someone else.

3. Dress And Look well as much as possible

Make an effort to look and feel attractive and be the girl he fell in love with.

No doubt it will hurt him a bit, but sooner or later that jealousy will again turn to love.

Looking good and dressing good is also a part of self love.

Get your hair done, a new wardrobe perhaps a makeover.

This also aids in the appearances of moving on.

Having a makeover also makes you feel good about yourself.

It boosts the level of your self– confidence. You can walk with your head high; because you know that you look good.

When you look good, it will reflect what you feel inside.

It will send your ex the message that you love yourself and that your world does not revolve around him.

If he thought you were attractive before, this makes him question the situation and whether the break up was really a good idea.

If you’ve done a really good makeover, he might realize that there are several other suitors checking you out.

Nothing like a bit of rivalry to heat up the competition and make him want you back.

It will send your ex into a panic they might even be the one to approach you this time around.

It is good to improve yourself by doing a makeover and going to the gym, but never drastically change who you really are.

Other people should see a “real” person in you, not a “fake and pretentious” one.

Plus don’t go saying you have made big changes if it can plainly be seen that you haven’t.

Like don’t go saying you lost weight if you haven’t. It would be obvious.

Or likewise developed new skills like learned a new language “hablas español ?”

And you say what ? I thought you said you learnt to speak Spanish… oops faux pas

This can ruin any progress or plans by showing you to be false and that’s not something you want to do.  

4.  Use Social Media to make him want you back

Use social media to show you are getting along fine without him.

There are two types of girls in this situation, those who play the victim after a breakup and those who use separation as an opportunity to become new and improved versions of themselves.

You want to portray that you are the latter.

Social media is an easy way for him to keep an eye on you without the need to seem like a stalker.

And this can be said even if friends have been unfriended or even blocked.

Don’t doubt there are ways around those minor obstacles.

By the same token you can be sure that its use for you will be just as valuable.

Updating your profile with the new and exciting things you are doing will go a long way.

In showing you are not a sniveling mess under a duvet without him.

But a strong independent woman that can survive the tribulations of the break up.

This will make the ex think “wow she seems to be doing great better than I thought”.

Some of the postings can be focused on you .

You could post photographs of you working out at the gym, with the hot guy you have never spoken to checking you out in the background.

Or out and about with friends doing what you would normally socialising.

A couple can be directed personally at your ex.

Saying “Hey, this made me think of you!” before passing something along that you know he will enjoy can show your former flame that you aren’t on the verge of a break down.

This can also say that in spite of how well the life you are showing is going, you still have a kind thought for him. Now and again, just not the focus he used to be.

5. Being seductive

Being seductive requires confidence. Confidence in yourself and in  knowing you can make him want you back.

And if you have followed the previous tips you should be looking your best and feeling the best you can .

Now after doing all the above, there’s a fair chance he will call or text you.

Brimming with self confidence and aware of your self worth positively beaming in your manner.

This will be a very seductive aspect for your ex to see.

Kitty Cavalier says this about seduction:

“It’s interesting that we associate seduction with sex, when in fact, true seduction is the opposite of sex.

Sex is when desire is met.

Seduction is not about the culmination or gratification of desire, it is about the thrill of the desire itself. It is the game that is played as the desire comes closer, and closer, and closer, and being able to maintain that tension of wanting for a long, long time.”

This is when you can take your time.

This time delay tactic will make him up his game so to speak.

He may begin to woo you as he did when you first met.

If the issues of the break up were on his side you can use this time and ardor to prompt change in his actions and behavior.

You can tell him straight out.” I am not getting back into a situation where I am willing to suffer the same issues as I did previously.

I have changed so can you.”

6. Change Something That He Didn’t Like in You in the Past 

How to make him want you back, despite what he didn’t like in you in the past ?

Simply by working on it.

It could have been a bad habit you had, a pet hate of his, a lack of communication or issues of intimacy.

Whatever the problem was make an effort and show you have made changes in your bad habits for good.

7. How to make him want you back by initiating conversation

If he hasn’t taken the hints by this stage then it’s time to take the initiative.

And if you love him,  there’s no harm in that.

Start to initiate a conversation with texts.

Once you have started a conversation make sure you are talking about things that you both loved doing together.

Talk about stories that will burrow right into your man’s unconscious. The stories that will make him smile, laugh, or reminisce and lead him to think about taking you back.

Bringing that back to your man’s mind is very powerful emotion, that you can use to make him want you back.

This doesn’t have to be the first time you met.

Try to remember a moment when you knew you were meant to be together and really connected. Maybe it was the first time you locked eyes or the first time you kissed.

8. Find the ideal time and talk to him.

It can’t really be done shouting over the din and the DJ at a club.

A nice quiet place where you are unlikely to be interrupted. Be honest and open.

Tell him about your future plans that possibly could include him.

It’s a sign that you’re moving forward with your life but also presenting possibilities.

One surefire thing to say to an ex-boyfriend that you still love is something that boosts his ego.

If you find out that your ex has achieved some accomplishment – he ran his first marathon, got a promotion, or competed in a competition – feel free to reach out and express your pride.

9.  How to make him want you back with a sex talk

Eventually you will get to the point where it’s the right time to push his emotional buttons.

It’s a point of no return by talking about your best sexual experiences together.

Sex isn’t everything in life or a relationship, but it’s definitely something that you and he cannot ignore.

Its about intimacy of  something you have shared.

No matter how long you were together or how bland things may have gotten in the bedroom.

Surely you have some particular sexual moments with your man that you revisit in your fantasies again and again.

And I bet your ex does too.

Talk about those moments. See how it transforms him emotionally towards you.

You do have to be sure before you take this route of your position.

In regards with the progress made in knowing how to make him want you back.

Remember this is  the culmination or gratification of desire.

Otherwise this could be looked at as just a booty call and not the budding of a new relationship in which you get him back for good.




Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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