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How to make her want you back : 9 tips to save your relationship

A relationship in trouble can be a challenge for a couple.

Whatever you do In these moments, can have knock on effect that last for a lifetime.

Sometime it’s a struggle just to think about how it got to this point and why.

How to make her want you back is really what you really want to know.

How to go about saving the relationship is more to the point.


Without the right tools and if necessary some expert guidance to save it.

Couples in a troubled relationship can also get complacent.

They can feel the trouble is too much to deal with.

Be mindful that family history can lead some individuals to play out more complicated paths.

Or they can subconsciously subscribe to being in trouble.

As an excuse to get out of a relationship.

People can believe partners are readily and easily changeable.

“He’s or She’s no good its not working out, I’ll dump them and find someone else.

I can quickly find a new lover.”

The problem is, it can turn out to be the exact same troubled situation.

If not greater issues than the situation they just left.


Independence is a great thing. And within a relationship it has its place and value.

Somewhere in the middle range of not too much of it nor too little.

A good characteristic and discipline to have for personal development.

It promotes the ability to be self-made, self-sustainable and ultimately self reliant .


Taken to the extreme, this aptitude is guaranteed to interfere in our relationships.

And it does not foster solving the root issues of the problems within a couple.

So at times, people can choose crisis as their exit or reason to change.

For whatever reasons they may be.

We have to respect each person’s choice and what has brought them to this point.


This is a choice made for better and worse in some respects.

You can opt to control your destiny guide it on the path to recovery.

And work at it focusing in on how to make her want you back.

Rather than letting the relationship go.


Everyone has the option to work on themselves first before tackling a crisis.

This can turn relationship difficulties into personal transformation events that can make both of your lives better.

Here’s nine tips on how to make her want you back

1  How to make her want you back find out why she is dissatisfied

We must get to the heart of the darkness casting a shadow over your relationship.

And one side of it will be how she feels and how she thinks about the relationship.

There are many reasons she may have become dissatisfied.

These are crucial to the recovery of that which you desire.

Familiarity can breed contempt.


And in time particularly after years of being together things can get a bit stale.

Ever heard of the seven year itch?

It is a real thing that statistics have shown that relationships and marriage alike can suffer from. Particularly between the years five to seven.

It may not be that you have been together that long.

But the issues at the center of the problems can be the same.

2 How to make her want you back make sure she isn’t bored.

Boredom can have a number of causes you don’t be one of them.

Bored with her work life, bored socially or bored in the bedroom.


Familiarity as I said can lead her here or elsewhere.


Maybe she thought she knows everything about you.

And there is no mystery or that you are predictable.

It could be physical boredom the routine sexual exploits are just routine.

And just not that exciting anymore.

It could be just plain routine boredom.

Day in day out same old thing.

And now the expectations have fallen to zero.

This can be for some a reason to look elsewhere for excitement.

Leading some to have affairs as a way to put it back in their lives.


Maybe she stopped seeing your masculine side.

You may have made it too easy for her.

If you chased after her too much, came across as nervous, or acted needy.

There’s a good chance she may have  felt it was too easy with you.

Girls like challenges, just like guys.

When girls stop perceiving their partners as masculine.

They may look elsewhere for what they perceive as a real man.


You didn’t speak the same language anymore on any subject.

Sometimes, people grow apart.

They stop sharing the same values.

Even in a good relationship, people can find it hard to communicate.

This oversight, if left unchecked can lead to serious misunderstandings.

Which can spell the ending of the relationship.

3 How to make her want you back Make her feel appreciated.

Perhaps she feels you didn’t give her enough attention, affection or comfort.

Taking your partner for granted is probably the most common mistake made in relationships.

And it is so easily fixed. Start the day with a kiss.

A spontaneous flirty or affectionate text during the day.

Turn up at her work to take her for lunch or send her flowers there instead.

There are so many different ways.

To show that you are thinking about her and that you think about her.  

Little things like these can do so much.

For the various reasons she may feel dissatisfied in the relationship.  

But even outside of a crisis can help to increase the bond and love in a  partnership.

4 Don’t Lose Sight Of The Big Picture

In any troubled relationship there will inevitably be problems conflicts and arguments.

These can have many and varied causes.

But regardless of the causes and who started them.

It doesn’t have to be you to finish them or by effect the relationship.

If you feel there is an argument brewing and it starts as you suspected.


Consider losing the battle to win a war.


By this I mean allow your partner to vent but not by playing the victim.

Let her take control and allow her to say what she likes or dislikes.

As the case may be.

It should not be allowed to get to the stage of losing control.

But rather about the means of maintaining the level of control within safe confines.


Perhaps this is about nothing in particular.

It could be about something definite.

Give her the opportunity to get it off her chest.

She could be hurtful and say things that are mean or that she doesn’t mean.

That doesn’t mean you have to do the same.


But you show her you are listening.

And giving her your full attention.

Be calm and try not be goaded into spiteful retaliation.

It allows her a release valve for things that are troubling her.

She may say things that she knows are not true maintain your composure.

Ask her questions like, is that really what you think or feel ?

Get her to explain further anything that is unclear or vague.

5 Put Your Focus Where It’s Needed

If there very defined issues that come up again and again in arguments.

Make these and her the focus of your attention.

Ask your partner if she has ideas how to deal with the issues.

Try deal with them together.

Have an open frank and honest discussion on the topics.

Don’t allow this discussion to become a blame game or to become a route to a disagreement.

Really it is about the third party issues that are unwelcome in the relationship.

6 How to make her want you back Take Personal Responsibility

If there are areas that are causing problems and they are your responsibility own up to them.

Take ownership of them and do what is necessary in order to change that for the better.

It is quite easy in a relationship to try focus on and lay blame on your partner.

And this is a common and very detrimental mistake to make.

The result is an attempt to try change our partners behavior or foibles.

This is compounding the mistake and can lead to further conflict.

Our partners can be viewed as projects that are in need of refurbishment.

They are not.


Sure we are all imperfect human beings and everyone needs reminding now and again.

But trying to change them is a route to disaster.

It only comes off as you trying to highlight someone else’s perceived faults.

Do you really think that the route to take to avoiding or solving a relationship in difficulties?

By saying to your partner you need to change.

And here is where I see you are causing the problems that are occurring in our relationship.

Do you really think that is going to work or work out the issues?

Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

A better route is to admit you faults and misgivings.

Makes amends for them not to first try to make them amend themselves.

It is harder to change someone else’s behavior and faults than it is to change our own.

Besides when you do this and make obvious inroads on yourself.

It can be used as a bargaining point to leverage or illicit change in others

7 How to make her want you back work on improving yourself

This follows up on the last point.

While doing a critical evaluation of yourself with regards to your contribution to the issues in the relationship.

Consider your self esteem.

Is it a factor in causing other problems.

Like if you are unsatisfied with your job.

Is it stressful do you have a healthy work life balance?

Are there other health issues that could factor into causes of distress in the relationship.

Do you both get enough exercise ?

Could you benefit from some meditation classes ?

All these things can have a knock on effect that will contribute to difficulties.

A healthy mind and body can greatly improve the ability to deal with stress relating to work .

It can also help give you greater ability to deal with trouble in the relationship.

It is something that can if done together create and help to improve the bond within the partnership.

Doing things as a couple like running jogging exercise or meditation will help to decrease stress.

Improve your general well being.  

8 How to make her want you back find new hobbies to do together.

Finding new things to do together will alleviate boredom if that is an issue you have to deal with.

But it is also a means to creating closer ties within the relationship.

Many couples can drift apart for no reason in particular.

And this can in itself become an issue.

Organizing things to do together will open new interests.

It could be cooking classes.

Everybody has to eat and learning to cook can benefit you both at home as well as creating an opportunity to get out together and learn new skills.


It could be physical training, trekking, cycling or mountain climbing.  

Indoors or out of doors.

In itself physical training and exercise will release feel good endorphins.

When done as a couple it not only strengthens bodies and minds.

Also the connections that we feel in a relationship.

It doesn’t all have to be outside or even strenuous consider movie nights in with popcorn and a cozy fire.

Or games nights with friends can also be a social and personal bonding experience.

9 Use The Resources Available To You

This will start with you greatest resource readily available to everyone your mind.

Start to think how the relationship has changed from when it started.

Find out what is different now.

Find again that spark that you once had for your partner and reignite it.

It could be talking to mutual friends to get an idea.

If you don’t have one or have run out of them.

What the issues are and how to tackle them.

It won’t hurt to get some outside help from friends.

Sometimes her best friends are the ones she will confide in openly and honestly about relationship issues.

See if she has been telling them of the issues that she perhaps is not telling you about.

This inquiry itself will probably get back to her if they are true friends to her.

It will show a commitment to doing something about saving the relationship.

Showing you care enough to ask for the help of her friends.


Consider expert help in how to make her want you back

Regardless of what steps you take, if what you are doing isn’t working.

You will likely benefit from some expert advice.

It’s very important that you take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Instead of trying to do it all on your own.

This could be one of the best decisions you ever make.



Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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