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Getting back with an ex after a year: is it possible?

The desire to get back with an ex after a year puts you in a rather uncertain situation.  It seems impossible.  A lot of time has already passed since you and your ex broke up and it’s possible that he/she moved on long ago and is now seeing someone else.  Is getting back with an…
11 septembre 2018
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She dumped me: how to get her back

She dumped me and now the relationship is over.  But I don’t want it to be over, I’m not ready for it to end and I still love her, but what can I do?  Where breakups are concerned, it’s often the decision of one party and against the wishes of another, but there’s nothing you…
8 septembre 2018
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How to make my ex miss me to get him back

When a relationship ends we often find ourselves missing the other person with all our hearts.  We’ve called this person our other half for a long time and now that they’re gone it really does feel like half of our heart has been torn out.  This feeling will often make you change your mind about…
5 septembre 2018
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How to forgive a cheating wife : 7 ways to manage it

Many of us consider cheating to be the greatest betrayal possible in a relationship, and in many ways it is; it certainly damages the trust we can have for another.  It can leave a relationship or marriage on the brink, so frail even the slightest wind could send it tumbling over the edge, so how…
4 septembre 2018
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How to win your ex boyfriend back after a breakup

After a breakup you often want to scream, cry, throw things; anything to release all your feelings of hurt, anger, disappointment or betrayal and get them out of your system.  But once you’ve had a chance to calm down and really think about the breakup, you realize that it should never have happened.  You still…
3 septembre 2018
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Get back together after a breakup : where should I start ?

Whether the breakup happened suddenly a few days ago and we just didn’t mean for it to happen or a few weeks ago and now that we’re alone we can suddenly see very clearly that our ex is the perfect person for us, separating from our partner is never easy and we often want to…
1 septembre 2018
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How to win your ex girlfriend back after a breakup

You and your girlfriend have had a massive fight and in the heat of the moment one of you has screamed “It’s over!”  Or maybe she got tired of all your annoying habits and decided it was time for the two of you to break up.  Or perhaps you were the one who ended it,…
31 août 2018
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Does my ex want me back 9 ways to know

Does my ex want me back ?  The pain of a breakup leaves us for some time unable to do much. Like move forward or stuck going back over it endlessly. Wondering does my ex want me back ? That’s normal for almost everyone. There can be the associated indecision questioning is it the right…
30 août 2018
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8 Reasons To Remarry After Divorce

There are many reasons to remarry after divorce. But a recently divorced person might have something very different to say. I read somewhere that divorce is the most stressful thing you are likely to do in your life. With moving coming a close second. Well if you married and lived together and then divorced. Chances…
28 août 2018
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