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The Strategy of the Cat to make him come back to you

    Cats are elegant, haughty, refined, and have an innate mystical femininity. That has inspired worship and taboo for thousands of years. While cat’s place importance on their fellowship with humans. They have their own world at the same time. This is the strategy that you can embody to make him come back to…
7 décembre 2018
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5 Part plan to get my ex back forever

If you want your ex back, your plan to get my ex back is to work. And you are going to have to work at it. You may not like some of the parts. Like the work bits. But if you stick with it and see it through. It removes all the confusion and gives you…
23 novembre 2018
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How to stay away from the ex

When you struggle to stay away from the ex, you can know that it is wrong. But it can feel so right. You can be stuck like in a love hate bond. Stronger than superglue. You can be well aware of what you should do But you just cant stay away from the ex. So…
21 novembre 2018
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My ex has changed : How to react to that

« Since the break up, my ex has changed. » But after a break up things change. And so do people. Things rarely stay the same in that situation. Doubtless after a break up you will change. My ex has changed and so they will. It should come as no big surprise. That you say my ex…
20 novembre 2018
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Spy on your ex : The best 8 ways to apply

Spy on your ex, just because it feels good right now. And gives you a sense of control. Does not mean it is really a good idea. It is only a sense of control not actual control To spy on your ex can end up hurting you more than you think. In just observing your…
17 novembre 2018
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Feelings come back : How to get your ex back ?

Feelings come back : like the song says breaking up is hard to do. It brings out a mix of emotions in everyone. Some feelings are bad some are really bad. But there are good feelings too. There are some that go away forever. And there are times when the feelings come back. What do…
16 novembre 2018
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How to attract an ex : 3 ways you need to apply

Getting over a breakup can be hard. Especially if it is not to your liking. And you want to get back together. How to attract an ex what do you do ? There are ways around it will take time and effort. How to attract an ex will not be easy but then again you…
15 novembre 2018
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