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How to attract an ex : 3 ways you need to apply

Getting over a breakup can be hard.

Especially if it is not to your liking.

And you want to get back together.

How to attract an ex what do you do ?

There are ways around it will take time and effort.

How to attract an ex will not be easy but then again you want no other option.


How to attract an ex : get back on your feet.

How to attract your ex means there are issues I mean you did break up.

Having broken up there are obviously issues to be tackled.

Splitting up usually does not come out of the blue.

In order to get to how to attract an ex those issues need to become a thing of the past.

Those need to be tackled.


How to attract an ex : first you need to work on yourself.

You need to work on your part of the break up.

You need to be able to face your ex confidently.

And from a point where you show that you have developed.

Developed as a person and as someone that they used to date.

There is a certain amount of soul searching that has to be done.

For you to correct the past mistakes.

The past mistakes that led to the relationship break up and in which you had a hand.


After a break up usually most people are hurt and depressed by the situation.

The end of a relationship usually does not come without a good deal of pain.

And suffering for both of the partners.

There would have been the talk where the reasons were given.

The talk usually ends up as an argument.

That leaves each person feeling hurt and disappointed.

The partner who initiated the break up had their reasons.

In which the talk was an opportunity to address.

Most times people retreat after the break up.

Isolating themselves to lick their wounds.


The party who was dumped might look to sort the situation through more talking.

This usually wont work at this point.

The issues are too raw and the atmosphere between the couple is too tense to do that properly.

Things need time to calm down and to do a certain amount of processing.

During this time each will be evaluating their situation.

Feeling sorry for themselves and feeling sad at their respective losses.

The dumped party may feel the urgent need to correct the mistake that has been made.

This can overcome them in a mode or a state like panicking.

They feel like if they do not do something now.

That their partner will be gone for good and any chance of a reunion will be lost.

This is most often the wrong thing to think.


Time is what both of you need.

To get over the heated words and feelings that were said during the break up.


To try and rush back to an ex.

And try get them back at this moment is probably the worst thing to do.

Neither of you will be in the right state of mind.

To talk rationally or be receptive to the other person.

It may seem like the wrong thing to do.

But right now patience is ultimately what you need.

To have in how to attract an ex back to you.


That needs to change if you want to attract your ex back.


You both need time to realise if you want to get back together.

Believe me when I tell you it is on both of your minds.

Even though your ex might have said “it is finished for good.

And I never want to see you again”.

That is fairly typical break up language and a common thing to say.

But when it comes to being alone with their thoughts.

They will as everyone does have moments where they will reconsider their actions .

It is only normal.


If you dont allow this time for reflection and essentially to grieve.

You will just reinforce their decision to break up.

So what you need to do is to accept the break up as real.

Even though you are working on how to attract your ex back.

Do the things for yourself to get over the split.


Grieve the loss that everyone feels at the end of a relationship.

But if you are to get to how to attract your ex you need to get back on your feet.

You need to show the signs of moving on with your life.

And with the aspect of a survivor.


You need to show the manner of someone who is getting on with life.

Regardless of the pain of a break up.

It should seem that your life is business as usual.

With some improvements.


Like getting some new clothes to help you look and feel better about yourself.

Perhaps even a new haircut and color.

You should hit the gym.

In order to help fight the sadness that the split has brought to your life.

Working out at the gym does help you in many ways.

It has been shown in studies to help sufferers of stress and depression deal with their condition.

It also helps to take your mind off thinking about your ex.

It shows that you are still able to function and maintain your health in spite of the situation.

And when it comes time to meet and how to attract your ex.

They will see a better more attractive you.

More confident more attractive more engaged in life than they expected.


Other things to do are embrace the single life.

Even though you have a plan in the works of how  to attract your ex back.

You have to act and make it seem like you have accepted the break up.

This means you can go out when you like.

See who you like and even date who you like if you like.


I know you may be thinking.

That would surely be the wrong message to send to your ex if you want them back.

And it can be sometimes.

But right now you are single.

And it is what they wanted as in a break up for you both to split up.

This is probably something that may have crossed their mind too.

Usually it would not be considered serious dating at this point.

But more like a rebound relationship that won’t last.

Besides you only have to be seen with another person.

To have your ex think you are dating


How to attract an ex you need to be person they first saw and fell for.

During this time of singledom you should be trying to be the best you can be.

Going to the gym working out, going out ,seeing friends and family.

Dressing like it is life as normal.

And so it should be to all intents and purposes.


But in your mind you are biding your time.

Working on how to attract an ex and have the best chance at it.

Waiting until the time is right to approach your ex again.

As a survivor and a strong survivor at that.

Getting into a better position to attract your ex.

Showing them the person they split up with in a better light.


How to attract an ex be better than you were when you first met them.

Not only will they be feeling the sting of nostalgia for the relationship that broke up.

Now they will see a partner who they were attracted to before.

Looking and seeming even better than ever.

New style of haircut and new clothes and looking buff from hitting the gym.

It will be the complete package and hard for them to resist.

When you show them you have been thinking seriously about the issues.

And problems that caused the split.

They will almost be seeing a new person in the form of the person they used to date.


How to attract an ex with the new 

Your ex might have thought that you would be a slobbering mess.

That might come begging for you to take them back after the break up.

When they see that you are the opposite of that.

Someone who appears confident in their own skin.

Developed in ways that they might have not thought possible for you.

It will be so much different from what they thought you would be like.

That change can be very attractive to your ex.


How to attract an ex deal with the problems they had with you.

Understanding the issues that caused the break up is essential to getting them back.

During your time apart and before you even think of seeing your ex again.

You have to understand the reasons why the break up happened.


Communications issues is the number one reasons for couples to attend therapy.

If this has had an effect in prompting the split up.

You need to show that you have done something about it.

You need to show that whatever the issues were that resulted in you splitting up.

That they are no longer something that would get in the way of any other relationship.

Should that be with your ex or with another person.


Show that you have learned from your mistakes and corrected them.

This kind of behaviour will show your ex a very attractive aspect.

In the ability to change your mistakes for the better.

It is something that will future proof any relationship.


How to attract an ex understand your role in the break up.

If you get to understand your role or part in the break up.

And you show that it is no longer a problem.

This shows respect for yourself and others.

In correcting your mistakes and in taking into consideration others judgement of you.


In a relationship there is a certain amount of give and take.

And in that there has to be room for compromise.

When you display that you can do it.

It shows the means for development and a willingness to change.  

And that you are not rigid in your thinking.

About the issues and problems that caused the break up.


How to attract an ex reconnect from a position of strength.

In giving your ex the time to grieve and process the break up.

You are not only respecting their wishes.

But allowing them time to miss you and the relationship.

This is the right thing to do and it works well in how to attract an ex.

Once you do not fight the break up and you seem to agree to it.

And when you thrive in that time.

You are making out that it may have been for the best.

This can play up to their self esteem issues.

That usually follow at the end of a relationship.

They may even question their choice to break up.


They will shift from being sore at you.

To feeling nostalgic for the times you had together.

Allowing this to happen without a barrage of texts phone calls or emails.

Your ex will feel that you are accepting the split.

That you are not going to fight for them back.

You can seem confident in that decision.


This plays a little bit of a mind game with reverse psychology.

The tendency is to want what you can’t have if you don’t play like that is true.

They might begin to think that you did not value the relationship in the first place.

And when you did not fight for it you increase their sense of insecurity.


How to attract an ex : approach as a friend

After a period of time apart you can consider contacting them as a friend.

You may have an agenda about attracting your ex back.

But that should not show.

You want to find out how they are.

You want to show how you have developed and moved on .

Perhaps you could after meeting up a couple of times as friends.

Take responsibility for your actions that led to the split.


If necessary apologize for your behavior.

You do not want to lay blame at all.

You can only be sorry for your part.

You can not make out that your ex had a part in the break up even if they did.

This would make any apology null and void any respect gained from doing it.


Actions speak louder than words.

So show them how you have changed rather than telling them.

You want to reconnect with them from a position of strength.

Make sure no negative feelings are shown.

Even if they bring up the issues that caused the break up and try to lay blame.

Accept the fact that they may still be hurting.

And be the bigger person allow them some more time to get over the break up.

You will never regret having good manners and a calm response in the face of a dispute.


If you react badly to them for whatever reason.

You may let them see they were right to break up.

And it could put them off considering getting back together.


If things go according to plan after a while meeting as friends.

You could ask to meet some place quiet.

Where you will be able to have a conversation about the prospect of getting back together.

Be honest and patient.

If you have put in the work and done your best in that regards.

You will have very good prospects in recovering the relationship.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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