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To get your ex back, nothing else then the free GMEB guide

Here it is the completely free Get My Ex Back guide to get your ex back.

So you were in a relationship and now you are not.

You want that to change you want to get your ex back.

Nothing in life is guaranteed but if you put in the effort you will have the best chance.

With the GMEB  guide those chances are even better.


OK so the situation as it stands is probably a mess.

A life and a world in chaos to say nothing of your mind.

The relationship is over and that is not how you want it to end.

You realize that was a mistake and you want that to change.


The thing is right now emotionally things are very volatile.

Emotions are running at an all time high your mind may be in panic mode.

Things were said and done that make talking to the ex hard, to say the least.

Right now your head could be spinning and your heart is screaming.


This is not the way you will get your ex back.

That has to change and you can not approach the problem in that way or mindset.

Things need to change and you will have to put in some effort in to do that.

I know this guide is free but I didn’t say it was going to be easy.


But having said that all the hard work you will be doing is all good for you.

There is nothing that you are going to do that won’t be a great benefit to you in the end.

Even if your ex does not want to get back together and that is a possibility.

We here at GMEB can not make that happen.


But we can give you the best free guide around to help to get your ex back.

So without further delay let us jump right in and get started…


The free GMEB Guide


First off


The break up find the causes  to get your ex back


OK so your world may be in chaos and your life could seem like it is at an end.

You can be devastated by this break up and things could seem like they could not be worse.

Well one thing you have to understand is that things just have to change.

That applies to the situation and your attitude to the situation.


And your attitude in general.

By this I mean you probably feel like something that should be flushed away.

Or even something that has been flushed away.


That has to change you are in no state to even approach to get your ex back.

You need to approach the situation from a better position and with a more positive attitude.


Can you imagine that your ex would jump at the opportunity,

to get back with someone who may feel like crap.

Or look like crap or have negative attitude ?

No they would not.


So that is the first thing to change the negative attitude to a more positive one.

Even if you still feel down from the break up you have to pick yourself up out of the gutter.

You have work to do and you have the GMEB guide to aid you.


Now that you have decided to change your attitude and the situation.

We can move on to the business at hand the break up.

It happened it is done there is no more use in crying over spilled milk as they say.

You can accept the break up and get over the emotions you feel.

Then move on you have work to do.


It is time to get to grips with the situation rather than just ruminating over it.

The mistakes that were made and the what if’s and what could have been won’t help.


Get your ex back through understanding


What will is to gain a thorough understanding of WHY it happened.

What were the causes ?

Were there issues that became the subject of constant fights before you broke up?


If so those issues need to be tackled.

By this I mean understood completely and shown to be a thing of the past.

As in they will no longer threaten any new relationship that you propose to have.


And that is another thing you have to consider the old relationship is dead.

Long live the new and revamped relationship version two point zero.

If your old relationship had problems you cant want to go back to it.

Who in their right mind would want to go back to trouble if they had an option not to.


So if you can get a real in depth understanding of the issues that caused the split

Then you have a much better chance of attracting your ex back.

Think about it this way you might have your doubts about a second chance.

But you did date and there was an attraction there in the first place.

So that is half of the battle to dating someone.

Finding out that they do like you and find you attractive.


There are buts of course things went south.

The issues that caused the split and then the way it ended.

Plus the attitude and approach you take to get your ex back.

So if you feel confident enough in your understanding of those issues.

To say I know why and what went wrong in the relationship,

then you can move on to the second part.


To get your ex back use Radio silence


This is where you have no contact with your ex absolutely no contact.

I know this sounds counterproductive and does not move you closer to get your ex back.

But think about it for a minute….


You just broke up perhaps it was a few days ago perhaps it was a week ago no matter.

There will still be hard feelings or negative emotions associated with you and the failed romance.

That needs to change in order for you to have any chance to reunite.

And there are two sides to that yours and theirs.


So having some time with no contact doing radio silence is essential.

Ever heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder ?

Well we have faith in it and so do our readers.

It also allows you some time to work through the rest of the guide.


It is suggested that the period of time be at least twenty one days to a month.

It sounds like a lot but it is not really.

You might think they might move on in this time.

That is a possibility but that could be a temporary thing.

Ever heard of a rebound relationship ?

During this no contact period you should have no contact whatsoever.


To get your ex back use no contact

No email.

No social media messaging or other messaging.

No bumping into them at their favorite hangout bar cafe nightclub.



If they contact you which is very likely, kindly explain that you need time.

To get over the break up and continue with no contact.


During this no contact period you have lots of things to do.

Along with the attitude change you have to take on the appearance of a rejuvenated person.

It means that you don’t post heartbroken social media posts, quite the opposite.


You need to show the appearance of a break up survivor who is thriving.

You have to get to a place where you don’t mind being single.

You have to work through the stages of grief associated with the relationship and its end.


The five stages of grief in relationship break ups are:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance.

Denial Anger Bargaining are common traps you have to avoid at all costs.


You should be taking care of business like it is just business as usual.

That means living your life.

Posting on social media the picture of a happy outgoing person.

Taking care of yourself.

Socializing going out looking your best.


Positive Attitude

And looking your best will by  knock on effect change your thoughts to a more positive ones.

Making an effort to look even better than you did when you last saw your ex.

Perhaps some new clothes and maybe even a new haircut.

Nothing too drastic just general all round self improvements.

Perhaps with the suggestion of moving on with someone else.

A beautiful or handsome stranger having fun alongside you is enough to suggest that.


This can include some new activity posts to show some personal development.

You could take up a new class to learn a new language or learn a new skill.

You could do some other things to make yourself look better.

Working out will help to make you that extra bit more attractive.

It also helps to get over the post break up slump.

It also has the effect of helping to have a more positive outlook.

Another something extra to show progress in life.


This along side the no contact works hand in hand.

The no contact exchanges the heated words for nostalgic memories.

It turns the last images of you on its head in the mind of your ex.

You may have acted needy and desperate in the past that is not how you will appear now.


After the no contact period if you have done it properly and well.

You will have many advantages in order to attract your ex.

You will have understood what went wrong the last time.

And corrected those mistakes this shows development in your personality.

You will gain more confidence from doing this and getting over the break up.

Confidence is a very attractive quality to have especially at this point in time.

You should look better than the last time the ex saw you.

With some new clothes and perhaps even a new hairstyle.


With a new attitude and outlook to add to the new look.

It will be an almost unbeatable package.

The attitude should be cool as in not rushed.

Without an air of neediness desperation or insecurity.

These three are relationship killers.


You won’t be begging for your ex to take you back.

You should have processed the old relationship and gotten over it.

Having learned from your mistakes is a very positive thing.

Your self esteem should be boosted by working out

and working on new activities and having new skills.


First contact

All that is needed is a few tips for first contact after radio silence.

A good way to get in contact is an innocuous text on the phone.

It should be something that sparks some interest and be open ended.

Do not go and just say hi or what’s up that means nothing and will get you nothing.


By that I mean it should not be a question,

but something that perhaps taps their area of expertise.

Like for instance if they were good with computers.

Suggest that you may be in the market for a printer and ask their advice on buying one.


Or say that you saw their favorite television program and it reminded you of them.

And then you decided to drop them a text to see how they were.

It could be that you say you say an advert for a holiday to the place the two of you went.

And that it reminded you of them and you wanted to know how they were.


By their reply you can gauge their receptiveness.

If there is no reply you will know to wait again for a while.

Do not barrage them with a number of texts wait for them to reply.



It changes what they thought you might say.

They may think you want to get back together.

But you don’t say that not in the first couple of chats or even meetings.

They might have thought that you were going to give out to them or moan at them.


The thing about this is you have to be prepared for the worst.

They may be still sore from the break up.

They might just say that they are or even be in another relationship.

If so back off and continue with no contact and try again in a while.

Just do not react negatively at all.

This will end any chance you have to get your ex back.

That would put you back to square one.


Over all have fun and a positive mental attitude.

Remember negativity breeds negativity.

Be patient, cool and calm, regardless of how the ex reacts.





Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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