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Does my ex want me back 9 ways to know

Does my ex want me back ? 

The pain of a breakup leaves us for some time unable to do much.

Like move forward or stuck going back over it endlessly.

Wondering does my ex want me back ?

That’s normal for almost everyone.

There can be the associated indecision questioning is it the right choice to make?

Can you walk away from what was once a loving relationship.

Is it the right thing to do ? Does my ex want me back?


If you want to feel love again.  

You need to be open to the possibility of it.

To accept your present situation and positively engage in it.  

You need to love yourself inside and out to move on.

When your breakup is realised, it’s simply time to move forward.

Now it’s time to break free from the bonds created during the relationship.

Time to move forward with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

It’s all about having the love of yourself and believing in yourself as corny as that sounds.

You need to understand your own self worth to begin again.

The most difficult part is forgiving yourself and your ex.

What if ?

What if the question keeps going through your mind.

Does my ex want me back ?

How do you know ?

It really doesn’t matter whether or not you brought the relationship to an end.

You still need to forgive yourself and move forward.

With a smile on your face and love in your heart.

You need to understand who you are and believe in your positive attributes  that can attract the partner who is right for you.

But that might not be right for you right now.

Too early, too many unanswered questions that need addressing.

And above all you are consumed by does my ex want me back ?

Before you can be sure it is over completely and absolutely.

You really need to know does my ex want me back?



During this time of mixed and contrary feelings, can make us to do some really off the wall things.

We may talk of love and then have fits of rage.

We can rant and then act non-communicative.

We ignore ourselves then others.

We give up and then realize that it was all a mistake and then call them.

Man or woman, it makes no odds.

The jilted feeling of longing, hurt and indecision does similar things to everyone.

Before you move on you want no need to know .

Does my ex want me back


The 9 Signs how to know does my ex want me back ?

1. If your Ex maintains contact  


If you and your ex stay in touch even after the break up this can be seen as unfinished business.

If they are contacting you more than you contact them.

And depending on the tone and content of the contact conversations can suggest an unwillingness to let it go.

And a good indicator to answer does my ex want me back ?

The reasons your ex calls are seemingly random scattered and unfocused.

As in they are not venting anger trying to lay blame at your door.

Drunk dialing and rambling without making much sense or direction.

It could be a bad case of lost love and regrets, your ex may call you to pour their heart out.

Drinking loosens the inhibitions and the tongue but loses the direction or focus to progress the motivations.

It definitely helps your ex to get the courage to speed dial your number.

But maybe not to say all the things that they have on their mind when they’re sober.

The fear of rejection can stop them short of saying what they want in so many words.

They may use so many words to hide their real intentions adding to the confusion.

If they are still calling and still talking it can be an unwillingness to hang up

It could be about the unspoken subtext does my ex want me back ?

They still want the contact and to create the opportunity to make things right.


2. Your ex waits a few weeks to get their stuff back from you.


As long as its stuff worth getting back not just a torn dirty tee shirt.

And it is something they are unlikely to forsake.

You see the quicker the things are collected is a sure sign that bridges are being burnt.

And goes to answer negatively the question does my ex want me back ?

The longer it is left can mean an excuse to at some later stage to come and get them back.

The few weeks of waiting can be enough time to get over the anger of the breakup.

For the heated words and emotions of the event to cool and possibly to warm again.

For the time taken to wait and get the stuff can be just for you both to see what a mistake you are making.

And to allow reason to triumph and try rectify the decisions made.

This is a positive sign in does my ex want me back ?


3. They frequently show up where you are hanging out.


If your ex wants you back, chances are, they will want to know everything about you.

They may already, even if you haven’t said anything to them when you bump into them.

If your ex is showing up at various places and they don’t even look too surprised when they see you.

This is showing an interest in you and wants to get back with you.

They are making it clear about their efforts to get to know everything about you and your daily activities behind your back.

They could be being fed information from a mutual friend or relative in order to make those accidental meetings happen.

Or they could be using big brother and cyber stalking you in order to keep tabs on you.

That might sound worse than it is.

But goes some way to prove does my ex want me back ?

It could be that their intentions are genuine and have the best intentions at heart.

Motivated to get the opportunity and the right moment to talk.

Or even just to remind you that they are still around a lot.

Just so there is not any chance you will forget them.


4. They seem comfortable with you when talking or asking about your social life.


If they are at ease when talking with you about subjects that could be potentially very painful.

They are displaying that they have dealt with the anger of the break up and are attempting to move on.

Even if their mind is made up that they want you back and want to make up.

But it would need careful consideration as the whole situation is in doubt.

Right now it may not be a opportune moment to ask does my ex want me back ?

They may have to do a lot of chatting, fishing for the information that supports their ideas.

To build up their courage and to confirm their plans don’t have obstacles.

If  they are asking you if you are okay or if you’re dating anyone they are definitely fishing along those lines.

That is clearing the decks for action, if the answers confirm what they hope.

Looking to get to the point of asking does my ex want me back ?


5. Touchy feely.


During these so called « accidental meetings » they take every opportunity to have an overtly “hands on” approach.

You have got to remember this is about flirting with you.

In a primitive and basic manner.

Like you did before you got together.

Getting to send those hand signals and hopefully to receive them back from you.

If all goes well.

When you feel your ex’s hand linger after a hug or while sitting next to each other.

They are being obvious about their intentions without having to say anything.

Being always very touchy feely and lingering with their doe eyed gazes at every possibility is definitely a sign they want you back.

They are taking these moments to remind you and themselves of how it felt for you both how you were together.

These reminders may even give you goosebumps, in a good way.

With all the chemistry and electricity generated in the air between you both.


If your ex does not like you, they probably wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole.

But if they still have feelings for you.

All they will want to do is show you those feelings and wrap you up in their arms as much as possible.

If that’s what they are doing a lot they are giving you the hint that they want you back.

Giving you a sign in no certain terms does my ex want me back ?


6. Tying up loose ends.


Has your ex calls you sometimes and talked about the mistakes they made in the relationship.

And how things could have been so different.

If they just could have changed earlier for the sake of the relationship.

If your ex tries to show repentance or even go as far as to ask for forgiveness.

Or wants to let you know how they have changed for the better.

Or if they try to clear up or settle issues from the relationship.

It is being made pretty clear that they want you to give the relationship a second chance.

And that they have made the appropriate changes to show this.

Because they’re now a new and reformed person.

And the issues that were the cause of the break up are a thing of the past.


7. They make it clear there is no one else


This is an obvious sign in the query does my ex want me back ?

They are showing there no obstacles to your getting back with them.

It is as if they have kept your place for you and they have in a way.

Leaving it up to you to take that place and make that move.

They could be just unsure of the timing and the approach they should take.

Or how you feel after the break up.


8. They could be straight up and say it in so many words


It could start with asking how you are.

Then moving on to are you dating and then depending on your answer getting to the point of no return so to speak.

Whether that means asking you to be theirs again out right.

Or sending you emotional texts clarifying and offering solutions as to why things didn’t work out.

Or suggesting “working on it” as a means of indirectly asking without asking.

However they do it or the time they take.

The signals that they are giving off while getting there are clear and present.


9. You continue physical intimacy with them on a regular basis.


If you are continuing to see them intimately on a regular basis.

They and perhaps you are not ready to give up on the relationship.

It is a tricky situation,  that could be seen as a « booty call » by one of the partners.

And the other person could have very different ideas about it’s meaning.

Now the question is, what incentive do they have to get back into the relationship?

They are having sex and all without the drama of a relationship.

You both need to be clear about the reasons you are getting together.

But this can be generally seen as a good thing in some ways.

In the long run you should not be left hanging in limbo.

Left hanging on the weekends or at your suggestions for a meet up that doesn’t involve staying indoors.

And on a regular basis til they decide they want the good thing.

It could be a temporary friends with benefits type of thing.

Or a route to realising, that in fact you are meant to be together.

It shows you are both still into each other and can get along with each other.

And in point of fact can’t stay away from each other.

If however the situation becomes one sided.

As in you  are left hanging on the telephone waiting for a call or together you never see the light of day.

You should reconsider if that is the case your options and ask for clarification on the way things are going.

And the nature of your future together.


Antoine Peytavin, fondateur du site

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