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Ex getting married : Why I am upset ?

There can be many substantial reasons to get upset. An ex getting married should not be one of them. Unless you have not really dealt with the break up properly and completely. It can feel like rejection all over again. But this is a left over ghost like emotion from the ending of the relationship….
21 septembre 2018
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Pride in relationship: how it can ruin your relationship

Pride is something that every person should have: pride in themselves, pride in their work, pride in their family and friends, and pride in their relationship, but how can pride in relationship become a problem?  How can it affect your relationship when one person has too much pride that they cannot set aside for the…
20 septembre 2018
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Living with an ex: 5 pieces of advice you need to apply

Living with an ex for whatever reason is not an easy situation in which to find yourself.  Your relationship has ended and you can’t even mourn that in peace, because for whatever reason, financial or practical, you and your ex are still living together.  How can you attempt to move on while you and your…
19 septembre 2018
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How to forgive a cheating spouse: 7 ways to overcome infidelity

Your spouse has betrayed you in the most awful way.  They have cheated on you and you cannot see a way forward.  You can’t go back in time and make it so that it never happened, but you can’t force yourself into ignorance in order to move forward.  You’re stuck, and you don’t know what…
18 septembre 2018
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How to make your ex love you again: 5 tips

Your relationship has ended before its time and you still love your ex.  You don’t want your relationship to be over and all you want is to get them back, to be with them again.  Your ex says they don’t love you anymore, but how is this possible when you know that your relationship was…
17 septembre 2018
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My ex is getting married: why do I care?

My ex is getting married and suddenly, irrationally, it feels like my world is falling apart.  Why is this news so hard to swallow?  You and your ex had a great relationship while it lasted, but it failed, it ended, perhaps even a long time ago now, so why is that when you hear about…
16 septembre 2018
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My ex is ignoring me : why is my ex avoiding me ?

It has been days, weeks, maybe even months since the breakup and now my ex is ignoring me, and I want to know the reason why.  It is unfair to cut off all contact and simply ignore me after we were together for such a long time and I have every right to know why…
15 septembre 2018
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10 differences between short term and long term relationships

Every relationship that has ever existed can be sorted into one of two categories, a long term relationship or a short term relationship.  The basic and obvious definition tells us that a long term relationship is one which has lasted for a long time while short term is evidently a relationship that only lasts for…
13 septembre 2018
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Why do I miss him: 6 answers you didn’t know

Why do I miss him ? When a relationship ends, there is one thing that we can be sure of: that we will miss our former partner fiercely.  But why do I miss him?  All I know is that he’s gone and the aching and longing in my heart are telling me I miss him,…
12 septembre 2018
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