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My ex doesn’t love me anymore : why and what should I do?

It is a tough situation to be in . When “My ex doesn’t love me anymore”. Someone who has been part of your life for a period of time. Suddenly drops a bombshell on you. You world has just been turned inside out. My ex doesn’t love me anymore what am I going to do…
4 novembre 2018
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Forget my ex : 5 tips to never think about your ex

The thing about trying to forget my ex. Is when you are trying to forget. You are recalling the very thing you want to forget. It is a catch 22 kind of situation. And nothing can keep you from a happier future like lingering relationship pain. To “forget my ex” you need to do something…
3 novembre 2018
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My ex is avoiding me : How to attract your ex ?

My ex is avoiding me : there is nothing worse than being ignored They say the opposite of love is hate. Well not in your case with « my ex is avoiding me ». The opposite of love is indifference. It is difficult to accept the fact that « my ex is avoiding me ». But that is usually…
2 novembre 2018
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Be friends with your ex : A good or bad thing ?

Be friends with your ex, or the emotional roller coaster of a breakup. Can often mean that you do not end on best of terms with your ex partner. But after the dust has settled and the heat has gone. It can be possible to be friends with your ex. To be or not to…
1 novembre 2018
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I married my ex : How to do it

I married my ex : if there was ever a success story in getting your ex back it is mine. I married my ex and it was not all plain sailing. We had our issues but we faced them and overcame them. I married my ex after a number of months apart. We dated other…
31 octobre 2018
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Overcome a broken heart : 10 steps to heal it

Overcome a broken heart is not an easy thing  to do. It means healing the physical and mental aspects. It means finding hope  to overcome a broken heart when you think all is lost. It is about finding the will within yourself to heal yourself. When you were so used to relying on someone else…
30 octobre 2018
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My ex is jealous : What does it mean ?

My ex is jealous : jealousy isn’t only brought about by feelings associated with being in love. It is often the person’s ego or pride, that causes it. My ex is jealous doesn’t necessarily mean they are still in love with you. But seeing you with another person is what sets them off. Creates a…
29 octobre 2018
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My ex is depressed : What can I do to get my ex back

The drive to bond is primal. Disappointment when we fail to connect is virtually guaranteed. Separation from  a loved one is among the most stressful of experiences. To those with a predisposition to depression a breakup can mean serious issues. My ex is depressed what can I do?   The symptoms of depression exist on…
28 octobre 2018
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My ex never loved me : Is it right ?

My ex never loved me : it can hit like a ton of bricks. Just like the we need to talk and the aftermath of a breakup. It can make all sorts of crazy thoughts and actions come out of the woodwork. And crawl through your mind with explosive deconstruction on what you held true….
27 octobre 2018
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How to contact an ex 5 ways to succeed in this

How to contact an ex can be difficult with awkward silences after a breakup. You think you have said all you need to say and that’s it over. Perhaps now you just want to move on Maybe you can’t maybe you don’t want to. Perhaps there are things that need saying or questions to ask….
26 octobre 2018
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