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No contact rule: 6 steps to do it right

The no contact rule is perhaps the most important part of the GMEB method for getting back with your ex. When employed correctly, it can have amazing results.  If you want to get back together with your ex, this rule can help. From making you more attractive to your ex to making your ex miss…
6 août 2018
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Ex quotes: 24 best quotes to say to an ex

Has your relationship ended?  Is there something you wish you could say to your ex but you aren’t sure you should? Here’s an idea: maybe you could say it in a well-known quote. Whether you want to get back together, get even or move on, you should try to remember these 24 best ex quotes. …
5 août 2018
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Relationship advice: 15 pieces of advice for a successful relationship

We all want to have the kind of happy, inspiring, successful relationship that we’ve read about in books or watched unravel in a film or television show, but so often this type of relationship evades us.  Perhaps it’s unrealistic to hold ourselves to the standards of fiction, but that doesn’t mean that there are not…
4 août 2018
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Heartache: 5 ways to change your attitude and get better

After a particularly difficult or unexpected break up, many of us find ourselves suffering from heartache, feelings of disappointment or hurt after the loss of a loved one. It is easy to allow this ache to pull us under. To drown us in a pool of our own sorrow.  Our past is now painful to…
3 août 2018
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Broken heart : 5 tips to overcome in life

It is never easy to heal a broken heart.  You have separated from the person you love. The person with whom you have spent months or even years. Maybe the person you have lived with, or even a person you have had children with.  It can be a real kick in the teeth. A veritable…
2 août 2018
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I miss my ex: 5 pieces of advice to get back with an ex

« I miss my ex » So often this is the expression that follows a break up. « I miss my ex » may not be something you feel immediately after the break up. Yet, in the days or weeks that follow it your ex’s absence becomes the elephant in the room. « I miss my ex ». Nevertheless, he/she is…
1 août 2018
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