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The ECHOBACK treatment when my heart is broken

    When someone says my heart is broken. There is very little anyone can do or say to help solve the problem. It is a case for support in rebuilding the self. And allowing time to heal all wounds. That healing is a process that will take time. The ECHOBACK treatment can help mend…
13 décembre 2018
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How to get on the ring to face a love disappointment ?

      Love disappointment is a tricky emotion to deal with. Because every day can bring about new situations to be disappointed over. And sometimes love disappointment come together at rapid speed in bunches like buses. The proverbial « when it rains it pours » adage. So how do you avoid love disappointment?   Time has…
12 décembre 2018
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Grandma’s 10 lessons to move on from your ex

    When relationships finish everyone has good advice to give you. Some good some bad and some amount of cliches. Ahh you know what they say when you want to move on from your ex. Mother knows best. So what about Grandma knowing better Grandma’s ten lessons to move on from your ex.  …
11 décembre 2018
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The 4 Viking rules to follow when you miss your ex

    So they broke up with you and you’re missing them like crazy… Or maybe you broke up with them, but now you realize it was all a big mistake. Either way, you are not convinced that moving on without this person is the right move. You miss your ex and you desperately want…
10 décembre 2018
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Save your couple with the DREAM method

    A couple in peril is no joke . Your head can spin from the problems. Sometimes you can hardly get to grips with the issues. Let alone trying to solve them or to save your couple. You can get stuck in a rut of fights and resentment. Communications are limited to blame games….
10 décembre 2018
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The Strategy of the Cat to make him come back to you

    Cats are elegant, haughty, refined, and have an innate mystical femininity. That has inspired worship and taboo for thousands of years. While cat’s place importance on their fellowship with humans. They have their own world at the same time. This is the strategy that you can embody to make him come back to…
7 décembre 2018
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5 Italian tips to have sex with my ex

    The Latin lovers are world renowned and have so much to share. Not least the tips to have sex with my ex. In this day and age there is no stigma attached to it. Guys want it just as Girls do too. So without further ado let us get to it as they…
6 décembre 2018
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What is the 5-branch Star Theory to forget your ex ?

    We are all familiar with people who have gone through a break up. And ones in which it is hard to forget your ex. The thoughts about them seem to linger. The relationship is over, hopes of reconciliation may have been exhausted. All communication has perhaps stopped. And yet the ex retains a…
3 décembre 2018
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